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Finding great pork in Tokyo is easy, but where do you go for great turnips? Here are a few suggestions.
A new generation of barristas brings serious coffee to Tokyo
Explore regional delicacies and local sake without leaving the capital
Dining options at Tokyo's newest landmark / Tokyo Food Page is a complete guide to Japanese cuisine and eating in Japan.

With great recipes, tours of Japanese markets, and tips on the best places to eat, drink and hang out.
Tempura basics
Specialty dishes
All about ramen, tonkatsu, tempura and grilled chicken on sticks
Food-related travels around Japan
Culinary culture
Sake snacks, green tea, holiday meals, kitchen tools
What are brewers wearing at festivals and tastings around the country?
Pastries and sake, miso paste and fishcakes, from one of Kyoto's most luxurious department store food floors
including a Japanese fish/seafood glossary and helpful restaurant phrases