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Okonomiyaki, takoyaki, Kobe beef - you'll find the best of Kansai's local flavors in our Osaka/Kobe restaurant guide, with listings for more than 400 area restaurants, bars and takoyaki stands. Browse by neighborhood, search by cuisine, and take it all on the road with our handy mobile versions.


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Regional Specialties

From takoyaki and okonomiyaki to Kobe beef, here's where you can find some local Kansai dishes.
From endless tofu variations and gorgeous vegetables to elegant kaiseki service and shojin-ryori (vegetarian temple cuisine), Kyoto has a unique culinary tradition.

Local Attractions

An old brewery in the Nada sake-brewing district of Kobe
Giant mechanical crabs, forty-foot octopi and other commercial enticements from the streets of Osaka
How to get there
Check out our Kyoto guide for complete Kyoto restaurant listings, sights and an introduction to Kyoto cuisine

Food Markets

Delicate Japanese sweets, savory crackers, and regional sushi variations at this popular department store food basement
Fresh crabs, grilled fish and oden ingredients from Osaka's legendary railway-station department-store food market

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