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Okonomiyaki in Osaka, Kobe beef in Kobe - you'll find the best of Kansai's local flavors in our Osaka/Kobe restaurant guide, with listings for more than 400 area restaurants, bars and takoyaki stands. Browse by neighborhood, search by cuisine, and take it all on the road with our handy mobile versions.

The Osaka/Kobe guide is also available in Japanese, on the web and on your mobile.

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Regional specialties

From takoyaki and okonomiyaki to Kobe beef, here's where you can find some local Kansai dishes.
Where to find local dishes like cha-gayu - rice flavored with green tea and seasonal vegetables - and Nara-style pickles.

Local Attractions

An old brewery in the Nada sake-brewing district of Kobe
Giant mechanical crabs, forty-foot octopi and other commercial enticements from the streets of Osaka
How to get there
Check out our Kyoto guide for complete Kyoto restaurant listings, sights and an introduction to Kyoto cuisine

Restaurant Search

Kansai quick restaurant search
Enter cuisine, location, and/or partial or full restaurant name. Ex: umeda italian, kobe bar [More]

Food Markets

Delicate Japanese sweets, savory crackers, and regional sushi variations at this popular department store food basement
Fresh crabs, grilled fish and oden ingredients from Osaka's legendary railway-station department-store food market

New and recommended listings

Wine Bar D: Kobe (Italian)
This beautifully appointed wine bar-restaurant offers an impressive list of around 400 wines by the bottle, focusing on Italy and France. Wines by the glass start at around Y1200, or Y8,000 by the bottle. The food menu features Italian- and Mediterranean-inspired fare like oxtail stew, roast duck with balsamic sauce, and tagliatelle with boar-meat ragu. Budget around Y2500-3500 for dinner before drinks. [Restaurant data]

Chinese Cafe Eight: Osaka Shinsaibashi (Chinese)
Located atop the H&M department store, this 24-hour-a-day shop serves good Peking Duck at just Y3680 for a portion big enough for three or four people. They also serve dumplings and small-plate dishes at even cheaper prices. [Restaurant data]

Rajastan: Osaka Nakazakicho (Sri Lankan)
We're always happy when our waiter asks "Would you like that spicy?", and at Rajastan they don't pull their punches if you answer in the affirmative. Owner-chef Osto presents a full menu of fiery curries, spicy stir-fried "deviled" dishes, roast chicken, salads and original dishes like his rice roll made with stir-fried pork and vegetables. The decor is quite festive, with rattan chairs, a wooden floor and two outdoor decks. [Restaurant data]

Qbrick: Osaka Honmachi (beer bar)
Despite its small size, Qbrick plays an important part in Osaka's beer scene as a host location for various craft-beer and real-ale events. The regular menu features more than 200 brews from Japan and around the world. [Restaurant data]

Kyubei: Osaka Tenmabashi (sushi)
A branch of the long-established, highly regarded sushi shop in Ginza that invented gunkan-maki (sushi wrapped in nori strips, "battleship" style). Set menus at dinnertime are priced Y6,825-24,150. A lunchtime donburi starts at Y1890, and lunchtime sushi kaiseki service is Y12,600-18,900. [Restaurant data]

Sun: Sannomiya south, Kobe
Kobe restaurants tend to be more architecturally restrained, more traditionally oriented than their counterparts in Tokyo or Osaka, but "Dynamic Kitchen Sun" is a rare exception. It's a stunning example of contemporary restaurant design, and an exciting space to experience as a diner. The food here is creative but not over-aggressively so, with some intriguing local culinary touches that may be of interest to Kobe visitors.

Starting at the dramatically lit entrance, diners here walk through a succession of visually distinct spaces - there's a partially screened off bar area to the right of the entrance pathway, then further along is a room full of dimly lit tables arranged to take advantage of the 10th-floor view over central Kobe. Then there's a small area of zashiki seating along the far glass wall. To the left is a huge, warmly lit L-shaped counter that's instantly recognizable as the heart of the place, providing a balance for the hard design edges and adding a warmer, human element. Large earthenware pots and sprawling arrangements of dried flowers and branches also serve to set off the different spaces, and reinforce the earth-toned color scheme.
[Show more]

Nadaban Dining Kobe City: Motomachi, Kobe
Chef Yamashita is the head of the local Kansai slow-food organization, and he takes his cooking seriously. It's international-style fusion with a lot of creative recipes - dishes like grilled Australian scampi with spicy yuzu-garlic sauce; Tasmanian salmon confit with salmon roe; and grilled Kagoshima chicken with Calvados. [Show more]


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