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Welcome to bento.com and the Tokyo Food Page and Kansai Food Page, covering Japanese cuisine and the dining scene in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.

About Bento.com

The award-winning Bento.com restaurant guide is the only bilingual source for unbiased, expert advice on where to eat and drink in Tokyo and throughout Japan. Reviews and listings are compiled by an experienced team of food critics who review restaurants anonymously and impartially, seeking out each city's best dining experiences. There is never a charge to restaurants for listings, reviews, or news items, and we don't accept advertising from restaurants.

The Bento.com website has been published from Tokyo since 1994, and it currently logs around 1,200,000 page views per month (as of November 2010).

The "Eating and Drinking in Tokyo" listings include over 2000 carefully selected restaurants, izakaya and bars in Tokyo and Yokohama, and the Kansai section includes around 500 restaurants in Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Nara. Other sections of the site include extensive recipes, articles on Japanese cuisine, and travel-related features.

Bento.com is available in Japan and elsewhere on mobile platforms, including Android and iPhone smartphones, and feature phones from DoCoMo, au and Softbank. An RSS feed is available, and RSS autodiscovery is supported.

The website has been featured in The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, USA Today, Time magazine, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Berlingske (Denmark), The Daily Yomiuri, the Japan Times, and Tokyo Journal.

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Bento.com is published in Tokyo by Lobster Enterprises and Yamato Tomato Planning.

If you have complaints about unsolicited email (spam) from bento.com accounts, please follow this link.


Tokyo reviews and listings: Melinda Joe, Bryan Harrell, Hikaru Okabe, Karyn Woo, Pam Castle, Bjorn Katz, "Camel" Scott Cooper, Robb Satterwhite

Bar editor: Melinda Joe

Kanazawa Editor: Rachel Belle Krampfner

Ramen Editor: Brian Macduckston

Kansai listings: Justin Ellis, Tim Eustace, Robb Satterwhite.
Thanks to Melissa Rinne, Mr. and Mrs. Ryoichi Kasae.

Editor: Robb Satterwhite

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Brews News is copyright (c) 1997-2012, Bryan Harrell and contributors. "Looking for the perfect crunch - Japanese sembei crackers" is copyright (c) 2004 Yukari Pratt. The following recipe is copyright (c) Robb Satterwhite: "Takoyaki". The following recipes are copyright (c) 1996, Susan Fuller Slack: "Grilled miso chicken", "Okinawan sweet fritters", and "Autumn chestnut rice". "Okonomiyaki", "Tempura", "Unagi", "Yakitori","Sushi Multimedia Page", "Oden","Convenience Store Oden Menus", "Nabemono", "Takoyaki","Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum", "Wine-tasting in Katsunuma", "Japanese Microbrewery Beers", "Ohmicho Market, Kanazawa", "Dept. Store Specialty Vendors", "Dept. Store Fresh Food Vendors", "Entertaining Restaurant Signs", and "Okinawan Regional Cuisine" are copyright (c) Robb Satterwhite. "Aquabar" is copyright (c) 1995, Giles Richter. "Mama's Miso Soup", "The Pickle Pot", "What's in a Name", "An Pan", "A Taste of Culture" event schedule and all other "A Taste of Culture" materials are copyright (c) Elizabeth Andoh. "Sake Newsletter" is copyright (c) John Gauntner. Text and photos from Tokyo architecture columns are copyright (c) Max Bolstadt. "Tokyo Record Stores" is copyright (c) Robb Satterwhite. "Sushi Vocabulary" is copyright (c) Lobster Enterprises. "Restaurant Telephone Directory" is copyright (c) 1997-2014, Lobster Enterprises. All Bento.com restaurant listings are copyright (c) Lobster Enterprises. Photos are copyright (c) 1995-2014 Robb Satterwhite and contributors. Line drawings copyright (c) 2001-2004 Eri Nakada.
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