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Bento.com offers several different search methods for finding information on the site.

1. Article search by keyword

This is the easiest way to find an article or recipe on this website. Simply enter keywords, for example shrimp recipe or ramen museum. This search method uses the Google search engine.

2. Quick Tokyo restaurant search

Tokyo Food Page
This is the fast way to search for a Tokyo or Yokohama restaurant - enter the location, cuisine, and/or name or partial name (e.g. harajuku italian or aoyama cafe) Check the search tips for more instructions and examples.

3. Quick Kansai restaurant search

Tokyo Food Page
This is the fast way to search for a restaurant in Osaka, Kyoto or Kobe - enter the cuisine and/or the name or partial name (e.g. osaka italian or kyoto kaiseki) Check the Kansai search tips for more instructions and examples.

4. Multi-variable Tokyo restaurant search

This is a more powerful way to search for Tokyo restaurants. Pick one or more cuisines, and/or one or more neighborhoods. You can optionally enter a full or partial name, or special features like restaurants that are open late or open on Sundays. (See below for more instructions.)
dinner (default)

Name or partial name (optional):

To select multiple cuisines or locations, hold down the Control or Shift key to make multiple selections.

5. Search tools for your browser

Whether you're looking for Mexican food in Osaka, dim sum in Yokohama or just the nearest cafe to where you're sitting, our database search widgets and gadgets will make it easier.

Search-engine plug-in (Firefox and IE)

Search Tokyo restaurants in the Bento.com database right from your browser's searchbox, with our Firefox and IE search-engine plug-in.

Click here to add Bento.com Tokyo search to your browser

Alternatively, to add the search engine in Firefox, while you are on this page, press the down arrow next to your Firefox searchbox. You should see "Add Bento.com Tokyo" at the bottom of the drop-down list. Click on it to add Bento to your browser's search engines.

From Internet Explorer, press the down arrow to the right of the searchbox, click on "add search providers", then click on "Bento.com Tokyo."

Bookmarklets (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Bento.com search bookmarklets give you quick access to a restaurant searchbox from your browser's bookmarks toolbar.

Simply drag one of the links below to your toolbar on Firefox or Safari, or your bookmarks bar on Chrome, then click it when you want to search for a restaurant.

Tokyo/Yokohama search: Bento.com search     Kansai search: Bento.com search

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