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Some shops are worth visiting for their name alone, and this is clearly one of them. The cheese-meister here is a specialist in artisanal cheeses from Hokkaido, which have earned an excellent reputation in recent years, and he sells more than 300 types over the course of the year. Hokkaido wines, ciders and other gourmet products are also for sale. .... [Continue reading]
Not to be confused with your typical Belgian beer bar, BBP is actually a craft-beer taproom - one of the best in Tokyo in our opinion. They serve a lineup of more than a dozen beers on tap from a small craft brewery in Belgium, including collaborations with similarly small European and Japanese brewers. Four taps are devoted to guest beers, and there's a well-constructed modern-European.... [Continue reading]
A branch of a Kyoto-based gourmet coffee chain, Unir is attached to the hotel that never sleeps, Hotel M Innsomnia, and is of course open 24 hours a day. Their numerous espresso offerings include macchiato and long black, shakerato (frothy Italian-style iced coffee), espresso tonic and affogato (espresso and ice cream). Brewed coffee is prepared French-press style. If you're in the.... [Continue reading]
The modern, stylishly decorated Somtum Der has a more cosmopolitan feel to it than most Tokyo Thai restaurants, and indeed it has an impressive international pedigree, with branches in New York, Beijing and Ho Chi Min City as well as Bangkok. You'll find a good variety of original Thai dishes, particularly Isan dishes from northeastern Thailand. Among these are eight different varieties.... [Continue reading]
Each week, the creative chefs at Pariya whip up an ever-changing selection of gourmet salads and original vegetable-friendly savory dishes for your dining pleasure. The cafe's so-called deli-style format means you can assemble a meal from five different items of your choice, although narrowing down the options from the 18 or so dishes available can be difficult. The food here really is.... [Continue reading]
This second branch of the popular Daikanyama burger shop keeps things simple - you can order combo sets with fries and a drink plus your choice of a single, double or triple burger. There are add-ons for premium drinks, so instead of a regular soft drink you can get a cafe latte or a glass of wine or beer for a small additional charge. Comfortable seating for thirty people is spread out.... [Continue reading]
The very photogenic, multi-vegetable PiPi Curry is the specialty of the house here, featuring more than a dozen seasonal vegetables in a tasty Japanese European-style curry roux. The vegetables are all well prepared, each adding its own distinctive flavor to the mix. There's a choice of white or brown rice, and curries come with an unusual green salad with spaghetti. Other curry.... [Continue reading]
Sake fans can choose from more than fifty different labels here, most of them served in smaller, 90ml pours so that you can try a few different types at one sitting. The food menu features creative, somewhat refined versions of sake-friendly izakaya dishes, many with a distinctively Kyoto influence. One section of the menu is devoted to obanzai-ryori - informal home-style Kyoto small.... [Continue reading]
A cute Hawaiian cafe tucked away near Komabatodaimae station, Fuji (aka Fujis) is a great place to go for coffee, conversation and, if you're hungry, lunch. They have an extensive menu of light snacks and full meals, exotic caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages. Prices for coffee and cocktails do run a bit high for the amount you get, but the friendly atmosphere and the obvious love.... [Continue reading]
This charming neighborhood Italian joint serves quite tasty food along with reasonably priced wines. The chef isn't shy about intense flavors - the caprese starter incorporates rocket to give it added bite, and the ravioli is loaded down with parmesan cheese for a very umami-rich experience. Lamb and other meats are grilled to perfection, in nicely sized portions. At lunchtime you can.... [Continue reading]
"Step out of your comfort zone" reads the sign in front of the shop. Yes, it's another salad bar with a slogan and an accompanying manifesto. The salads are pretty good though, some focusing on gourmet ingredients (prosciutto and mimolette; smoked duck and honey nuts; pork and mushroom with Boursin), and others on healthy-sounding grain combos (kale and quinoa; millet and beans). .... [Continue reading]
As the name implies, wine is the main focus at this bustling bar-restaurant, with a food menu designed to play a supporting role. Wine prices are extremely reasonable (the shop is run by the Seijo Ishii grocery chain), with quite a few wines priced at Y2800 or Y3200 per bottle, although you can certainly spend more if you're so inclined. There are usually around twenty choices by the.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

The latest listings from our sister site Craft Beer Bars Japan.
New opening - Antwerp Port: Tameike
This branch of the popular Belgian Brasserie Court chain offers a line-up of ten beers on tap and a big bottle selection, while the food menu features Belgian frites and a quirky selection of canned delicacies from around...
Gau's: Shibuya
Notable for their late-night hours (the last order is at 5am), Gau's offers a handful of US craft beers on tap from breweries like Lost Coast, Rogue and Left Hand, with three-part tasting flights a popular option. They only...
Luke's: Hiroo
The popular New York-based lobster shop is known for their Maine lobster, crabmeat and shrimp sandwiches. As a bonus, this branch serves around ten US craft beers in cans and bottles. Beers like Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA...
Hitachino Brewing Lab: Yaesu
This second Tokyo branch of Kiuchi Brewery's sort-of-brewpub offers ten taps of Hitachino Nest beer, including a few unusual seasonal brews that are hard to find elsewhere. Regular draft beers are all priced at Y680, and...
Ibrew: Kyobashi
Good craft beers at very reasonable prices - that's the chief selling point for this cozy, unpretentious beer bar. Ten Japanese craft brews are served on tap, all priced at just Y690 for a large size (410 ml) and Y390 for a...
New opening - Brew La La: Shimbashi
With room for around fifty customers, Brew La La is quite a bit more spacious than most Tokyo beer bars, and the friendly multilingual staff help make this a relaxing place to hang out. There's even room for a shuffleboard...

Where in Tokyo

Find fun things to do between meals, from our sister site Where In Tokyo.
Animal Cafes - Mfmf: Yokohama Kannai
When we visited in Autumn 2017 the playroom here was full of tiny kittens play-fighting and chasing each other around, making for a very energetic cat-cafe experience. The seventeen resident cats also include some beautiful...
Lixil Gallery: Tokyo Kyobashi
Lixil is the biggest gallery in Tokyo devoted to architecture, urban design and spacially focused artwork installations. Recently the gallery has been hosting collaborative works between well-known architects and visual...
Animal Cafes - Mimi: Tokyo Ikebukuro
Mimi has some of the friendliest and most relaxed rabbits we've encountered in Tokyo - we were impressed with how well they get along with each other, and how easy-going they are with human visitors. Unlike other cafes that...
Otemachi Bokujo: Tokyo Otemachi
Pasona, one of Japan's biggest employment agencies, has gathered a collection of farm animals on the 13th floor of an office building in order to attract interest in careers in agriculture and dairy farming, especially among...
Eitoeiko: Tokyo Kagurazaka
Since its debut at the Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair in 2009, the mission of this small gallery has been to showcase work that "treads the boundary between art and non-art," representing an interesting group of both...
Yayoi Kusama Museum: Tokyo Ushigome-Yanigicho
Best known internationally for her prolific work with orange polka dots, the avant-garde sculptor, painter and novelist Yayoi Kusama now has a new museum (as of October 2017) devoted to her work and life. There's a lot to...

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