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True to its name, this spacious venue is both a cafe and coffee-bean roastery, and its industrial-chic interior is dominated by bean-roasting and coffee-producing equipment. Most impressive is the Steampunk "craft brewing" machine behind the counter, which facilitates a smooth, clear, delicious brew based on custom-specified parameters that control everything from water temperature and.... [Continue reading]
This popular and very lively sake-specialty dining bar offers an impressive selection of craft sake from around Japan, accompanied by richly flavored dishes designed to complement the drinks. The chef seems fond of using luxurious ingredients like truffles, sea urchin, foie gras and caviar, along with top-quality meats and produce. Somehow the fancy menu combines with the stylish decor.... [Continue reading]
Lotus-root (renkon) delicacies are the unusual specialty at this old-fashioned izakaya, along with a more familiar menu of grilled chicken, creative small plates, and turtle (suppon) dishes. The restaurant occupies a converted residential-style building in the midst of Ueno's commercial shopping zone, with comfortable booths downstairs and tatami (hori-kotatsu) seating on the second.... [Continue reading]
With popular branches in Sydney and Melbourne, Longrain serves Australian fusion cuisine inspired by the Thai restaurants of Australia. Rather than attempting to serve a wide variety of Thai cuisine, it seems like the menu focuses on a handful of signature dishes such as Eggnet with Pork and Prawns; Caramelized Pork Hock; and "Crying Tiger" charcoal-grilled beef flank steak. The.... [Continue reading]
Although you may occasionally run across a California roll in a Tokyo sushi shop as a novelty item, other types of American-style sushi (aka inside-out rolls) are pretty much unheard of. That's why this small local sushi counter is so unusual - they offer American classics like Caterpillar Rolls and Volcano Rolls, deluxe items like Spider Rolls, and oddities like four-cheese sushi - some.... [Continue reading]
Classic American diner-style grilled-cheese sandwiches are the specialty here, along with BLTs, hearty soups, gourmet coffee, and various breakfast dishes in the morning. We enjoyed a well-executed ham and cheddar grilled-cheese - the cheddar was mild but still had personality, while pungent red onion bits gave the sandwich some added kick. The tangy cole slaw that came on the side was.... [Continue reading]
This spacious branch of this pioneering "nouvelle japonaise" restaurant serves excellent fusion-oriented cooking and offers a panoramic view of the harbor lights. The menu changes seasonally, with creative dishes like tempura-fried dried tomato and camembert, foie gras sushi, and a surprisingly diverse six-part tofu platter that's a real tour de force. Well-executed grilled meats and.... [Continue reading]
Classic American-style burgers are served here along with milkshakes in many flavors. Burgers are meaty and well seasoned, served with good quality bacon and cheese as options. Regular burgers come without distracting sauces, but with fresh-tasting tomatoes and lettuce dressed with mayonnaise that add a nice balance to the meat. There are also teriyaki-burger choices if you're a fan.... [Continue reading]
Occupying a beautifully restored timber warehouse, this combination roastery and cafe is a convivial and very hip spot to relax in for a serious cup of coffee or a mid-afternoon snack. The food is unexpectedly good, with nice grilled-cheese sandwiches and an excellent open-faced mozzarella sandwich (sort of a caprese on toast) studded with tasty cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden. .... [Continue reading]
Flammkuchen - the Alsatian and southern German answer to pizza - is served here in versions both savory (black forest ham, zucchini-anchovy) and sweet (apple-cinnamon, banana-rum), along with wine by the glass or bottle. Although it's made without cheese, the black-forest versions incorporate a tangy, almost cheesy sauce that complements the toppings very well. Besides flammkuchen they.... [Continue reading]
Some shops are worth visiting for their name alone, and this is clearly one of them. The cheese-meister here is a specialist in artisanal cheeses from Hokkaido, which have earned an excellent reputation in recent years, and he sells more than 300 types over the course of the year. Hokkaido wines, ciders and other gourmet products are also for sale. .... [Continue reading]
Not to be confused with your typical Belgian beer bar, BBP is actually a craft-beer taproom - one of the best in Tokyo in our opinion. They serve a lineup of more than a dozen beers on tap from a small craft brewery in Belgium, including collaborations with similarly small European and Japanese brewers. Four taps are devoted to guest beers, and there's a well-constructed modern-European.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

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Le Petit l'Ouest: Shimo-Kitazawa
This Star Wars-themed neighborhood liquor shop stocks a wide selection of over 100 Japanese craft beers, one of the better selections in town. It helps to know what you're looking for though, as there are plenty of clunkers...
Green Bashamichi: Yokohama Bashamichi
Charcoal Grill Green Bashamichi serves up a very appealing menu of grilled meats and seafood along with creative starters, California wines and a handful of local craft beers. The setup is casual bistro-style, with a...
Jolly's: Ebisu
Billing themselves as a liquor store and sound studio, Jolly's has been selling booze here in Ebisu since the 1920s. Nowadays they stock a decent selection of mostly US craft beers in cans and bottles - maybe forty in all,...
Tap Stand: Shinjuku
Creative pizzas and a good selection of US craft beers are the major draws at this very busy beer bar, along with a convenient location just a few minutes from Shinjuku station. The bar has twenty taps in all, with half...
Sakura Taps: Yokohama Sakuragicho
This casual after-work drinking spot dispenses a rotating selection of eight Japanese craft beers on tap, with the occasional import for variety. While there are a handful of tables, most of the crowd here seems to prefer...
Gau's: Shibuya
Notable for their late-night hours (the last order is at 5am), Gau's offers a handful of US craft beers on tap from breweries like Lost Coast, Rogue and Left Hand, with three-part tasting flights a popular option. They only...

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Aoyama Technical College: Tokyo Shibuya
Outside of theme parks, it's unusual to see a massive, multi-story building with a design that's clearly based on a children's transformer-robot toy - it represents a rare match-up between an adventurous client and an...
Animal Cafes - Omusubi: Yokohama Sta.
This rescue-cat cafe had around ten cats in residence when we visited, although the number may vary depending on new arrivals and adoptions. Some of these former stray cats are still shy around people, and one of the goals...
Terrada Art Complex: Tokyo Tennozu Isle
By assembling several major galleries in one massive warehouse space, Terrada Art Complex has rather successfully pursued their mission of "making Tennoz Isle into a hub of artistic culture." The complex is now an important...
Animal Cafes - Hagu Cafe: Tokyo Shinjuku Kabukicho
Hedgehogs and degus (a fluffy chinchilla-like rodent native to Chile) are the star attractions at this rather specialized animal cafe on the outskirts of Kabukicho. You can choose your favorite hedgehog to play with and...
Tokyo Anime Center: Tokyo Ichigaya
Catering to hard-core anime fans, Tokyo Anime Center organizes month-long exhibitions showcasing specific anime production studios and titles. Limited-edition postcards, drawings, framed artwork and other products are on...
Marunouchi Reading Style: Tokyo Marunouchi
This very eclectic bookstore is similar to shops like Tokyu Hands and Loft in its sensibility, with a quirky curated collection of household goods, stationery, travel items, gifts and sundries in addition to books. They...

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