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This sprawling, spacious izakaya focuses on meats - premium-quality charcoal-grilled beef, pork and chicken to be precise - although they also offer a nice selection of creative seasonal and vegetable-centered small dishes. There's a full selection of yakitori and other skewered items, meat-based nabe stews, and tempting beef offerings - teppanyaki steaks, A5-grade roast beef, and various.... [Continue reading]
In addition to regular, cheese and teriyaki-egg burgers, McLean's menu offers interesting daily specials like Hot Chili Cheese Tex-Mex Burger (Saturdays; Y1480) and Triple Melt Blue Cheese Burger (Wednesdays; Y1380). Beverage options include a few craft beers by the bottle (Thornbridge, North Coast), and one or two on tap (including a Knee Deep IPA when we visited). Our cheeseburger.... [Continue reading]
Heirloom-breed Kenmidori chicken from Yamagata Prefecture is the bird of choice at this well-established yakitori shop, the main branch of which dates back to the 1930s. In the evenings your charcoal-grilled chicken is served with an impressive selection of around 100 craft sake from all over Japan. Budget around Y6000 for dinner with drinks, or Y1000 for an excellent donburi-style.... [Continue reading]
France's popular chain of frozen-food grocery stores (with some 900 locations in their home country) now has several Tokyo branches, where you can stock up on everything from frozen fruits and vegetables to tasty prepared dishes like gorgonzola gnocchi, asparagus risotto and Hachis Parmentier (aka shepherd's pie.). Frozen tarts, eclairs and other dessert items are big sellers, as are the.... [Continue reading]
The shop sign says that Suju serves soba, but there's a lot more on offer at this stylish dining bar. The eclectic food menu covers everything from spicy Middle Eastern-style lamb and Brazilian sausages to spicy Chinese mabo-dofu and Korean side dishes. There's a good range of soba as well, and a standing soba bar up front where you can grab a quick bowl if you're in a hurry. If you're.... [Continue reading]
Located inside (and outside) the Tokyo Midtown branch of the Idee interior shop, this daytime cafe is a pleasant and relatively affordable spot for a mid-afternoon coffee or drink break, with most coffees and teas priced in the Y300-400 range. There are bagel sandwiches if you're very hungry, but these are not the cafe's strong point. The surprisingly large outdoor terrace area is.... [Continue reading]
This cozy American-style gourmet diner serves one of the few lamb burgers in town, and they do a terrific job. With minimal dressing on the burger, it's all about the very flavorful meat, beautifully grilled and lightly seasoned. They also serve 100% beef burgers, and meaty main dishes like grilled lamb chops, skirt steaks, Hokkaido pork confit and Iberico pork sausages. Balancing out all that meat.... [Continue reading]
The bagel-maker here studied his craft at Ess-a-bagel in New York, and like that shop Ozo produces dense, heavy, hand-rolled bagels with a firm crust and chewy interior. They sell eleven varieties, including poppy seed, onion, everything, whole-wheat everything and honey cranberry, priced at Y200-260 each. Cream-cheese spreads range from maple-raisin walnut and cinnamon apple to.... [Continue reading]
A sake specialty bar with several Tokyo branches, Moto is known for their well-curated craft-sake lists representing small breweries from all over Japan. Here they offer thirty different sakes by the glass, with prices starting at around Y350 for a 65ml tasting-size glass. Unlike the other branches, Know by Moto is open all day, serving a lunch menu until 5pm. The eclectic food menu.... [Continue reading]
Fresh-off-the-docks seafood at bargain prices - that's the drawing card at this popular chain of 24-hour izakayas. Many fish and shellfish items are ready to grill at your table, and the blowtorch-charred mackerel is particularly entertaining. There's also a wide selection of sashimi, sushi, and very filling assorted-seafood donburi dishes. Drinks include beer, shochu, cocktails, and.... [Continue reading]
Located midway between Shibuya, Daikanyama and Ebisu, Buy Me Stand serves excellent grilled-cheese sandwiches along with soups and salads. In the mornings (before 11am) it's breakfast time, with Toad in the Hole, chili plates, and an original breakfast casserole made with pork, cheese, eggs, onions and paprika. After 11am they serve a selection of ten different sandwiches, all of them.... [Continue reading]
Tokyo's only purveyor of real New York-style pizza has finally opened a shop in central Tokyo, a second branch of their legendary store in far-off Oji. Large-size pizzas in ten varieties are sold by the pie or by the slice, and they taste pretty close to the genuine article. Calzones and stromboli, well stuffed with cheese and various meats, are very filling alternatives. Pizzas come in.... [Continue reading]

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Run by the excellent Isekadoya craft-beer brewery, this lively izakaya serves thirteen of the brewery's beers on tap along with several kinds of sake from Mie Prefecture. The kitchen turns out regional Mie cuisine built...
Although Hiranoya was once a simple retail bottle shop with a standing-bar corner, over the years they have transformed into a full-fledged specialty beer bar, albeit a rather tiny one. The main focus is on classic Belgian...
Craft beer to go is the selling point at this tiny neighborhood bar. They've got eighteen taps dispensing a nicely varied selection of Japanese craft beers, including some rarities, and you can either enjoy a half-pint here...
The twelve taps at this compact train-station bar dispense beers from Japanese craft breweries like Aqla, Isekadoya and the very local TK Brewing, located just a ten-minute walk from here. (You might have to ask about the...
Izakayas with great selections of both sake and craft beer aren't all that common in Tokyo, so Bakushuan is worth knowing about for that reason alone. But even without drinks, the excellent food stands on its own merits. ...
One of Tokyo's larger craft-beer retail shops, Beer Ma has expanded from their original locations in the Kita-Senju area with a spot in the heart of Kanda's craft-beer zone. The second-floor retail area offers a fairly...

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With its inspiring collection of housewares, stationery and assorted knickknacks from up-and-coming designers, Koncent is a fun shop to browse even if you don't need anything. One corner of the shop is devoted to their...
Billed as the world's first digital art museum, this ambitious art installation is made up of fifty immersive display areas created with the use of 470 projectors and a similar number of computers. There's quite a bit to see...
This small museum will mostly be of interest to Japanese sword enthusiasts and collectors. The facility is run by the Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords, and there are usually several dozen swords and other...
A splashy, well-choreographed dolphin show, held nine times a day, is one of the main draws at this mid-size urban aquarium, and there are also shorter penguin and sea lion performances throughout the day. Other popular...
Representing mostly young Japanese contemporary artists, Harmas runs this small gallery space and also participates in a number of international art shows around the world. The gallery is open only on weekends (Friday...
A sister shop of the popular Temari no Ouchi cat cafe (located just around the corner), this second branch sports a similarly fanciful Ghibli-esque decor, and is a relaxing spot to spend some time with cats. Unlike most cat...

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