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This unpretentious little basement shop has been serving classic Japanese curries since 1993. The "special curry" (Y750) is a meaty combination of a stew-like beef curry in a rich, European-style roux topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet. Another popular dish is the spicy "Malaysian curry" (Y650), made with chicken, potatoes, green peppers and other vegetables in a roux flavored with.... [Continue reading]
This neighborhood sandwich counter serves Philadelphia-style cheesesteak and pulled pork sandwiches, and sometimes meatball subs. The cheesesteak comes in either hoagie or sandwich format (the hoagie includes vegetables), and your choice of provolone or mixed cheese. Whether or not this is exactly what you'd find in Philadelphia is a question best left up to the experts, but it's.... [Continue reading]
Nagasaki-style noodle dishes are the specialty here along with tasty gyoza dumplings. Special dishes served at this "premium" branch of the popular chain include a noodle bowl topped with beef, and versions of their champon and sara-udon noodles with heaps of extra vegetables. Located inside the Isetan Time & Food food court in Joinus department store, the shop has its own small seating.... [Continue reading]
Run by a Hokkaido-based soup-curry specialist, Mikazuki offers three distinct varieties of curry rice - butter chicken, spicy chicken, and lamb with red wine sauce. They are all very good, but the lamb is the real standout dish here, incorporating good-sized chunks of appealingly fatty meat with an intense, slightly gamey flavor. The chicken dishes are also very rich and meaty, with the.... [Continue reading]
Located inside the antenna shop for Shiga Prefecture, this tiny bar offers a selection of 28 different sake from Shiga, served in 45ml tasting sizes (Y300), with the option of a four-part tasting flight for Y1000. Sake-friendly snacks include local delicacies like cured Oumi beef, smoked cheeses and Shiga-style pickles. Seven varieties of onigiri rice balls are available to eat here or to.... [Continue reading]
Scandinavian-themed craft-beer bars seem to be popping up all over Shibuya, but unlike the other bars, the cozy Haburashi (Toothbrush) also provides a menu of Nordic-inspired dishes like grilled salmon, smoked trout salad, roast beef, and Norwegian and Danish cheeses. The bar's four taps dispense three Scandinavian craft beers plus Carlsberg, and there's also a promising selection of.... [Continue reading]
Seasonal Japanese cuisine is the specialty here, with excellent charcoal-grilled meats and fish, interesting sushi and sashimi plates, and Italian and French wines as well as sake and shochu to drink. The decor of the main dining room is simple - plain blond-wood chairs and tables - with few distractions from the wide-open 27th-floor view. (There's also a very tastefully decorated.... [Continue reading]
Located in a residential neighborhood in Katsushika-ku that's home base for a small Ethiopian community, Little Ethiopia offers a handful of home-style Ethiopian vegetable and bean stews and beef dishes, all served on spongy injera bread. Most main dishes are priced at around Y1000. The nearest station is Yotsugi, five minutes by train from Tokyo Skytree..... [Continue reading]
If you're nostalgic for - or simply curious about - the exotic flavors of classic American Chinese food, Panda Express has you covered. With 1900 branches across the US and around the world, it's certainly the most successful purveyor of this uniquely American cuisine, and this first Japanese branch in Kawasaki serves a very similar menu to what you'd find in a typical US shopping mall,.... [Continue reading]
One of the best Thai restaurants in town, Keawjai offers a large and diverse menu, with a good number of chef's specials - always a good sign. They have another, very popular branch in Shinjuku, but this Kinshicho branch seems to have a more adventurous menu, with dishes like Yellow Noodles with Grilled Red Pork in Soup, and Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste, Sweet Pork, Fried Shrimp and Egg.... [Continue reading]
If you're looking for sake, wine or specialty foods from Nagano Prefecture, you'll find an impressive selection here at this well-stocked antenna shop. There's a small bar area at the front of the shop where you can try local wines (from Y500 per glass) and sake (Y1000 for a three-glass tasting flight) along with sake-friendly snacks like miso-marinated cheese and horsemeat sashimi. .... [Continue reading]
This is the first Japan venture from a beloved LA-based fast-casual burger chain, and the burgers here live up to their stellar reputation. Properly juicy and packed with deep meaty flavor, they're made from Australian beef with a substantially higher fat content than your typical burger. Thinly sliced pickles are applied sparingly, providing good balance for the fat with their tangy.... [Continue reading]

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Although Hiranoya was once a simple retail bottle shop with a standing-bar corner, over the years they have transformed into a full-fledged specialty beer bar, albeit a rather tiny one. The main focus is on classic Belgian...
Craft beer to go is the selling point at this tiny neighborhood bar. They've got eighteen taps dispensing a nicely varied selection of Japanese craft beers, including some rarities, and you can either enjoy a half-pint here...
The twelve taps at this compact train-station bar dispense beers from Japanese craft breweries like Aqla, Isekadoya and the very local TK Brewing, located just a ten-minute walk from here. (You might have to ask about the...
Izakayas with great selections of both sake and craft beer aren't all that common in Tokyo, so Bakushuan is worth knowing about for that reason alone. But even without drinks, the excellent food stands on its own merits. ...
One of Tokyo's larger craft-beer retail shops, Beer Ma has expanded from their original locations in the Kita-Senju area with a spot in the heart of Kanda's craft-beer zone. The second-floor retail area offers a fairly...
This massive 200-seat bar-restaurant serves more than 200 beers from all over the world - including 19 beers on tap - along with an international food menu. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a classic Japanese beer hall,...

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Designed by architect Kenzo Tange and completed in 1996, the Fuji TV building has become a landmark of the Odaiba area thanks to its unusual silhouette, featuring a giant floating sphere and a skeletal central section of...
A sister shop of the popular Temari no Ouchi cat cafe (located just around the corner), this second branch sports a similarly fanciful Ghibli-esque decor, and is a relaxing spot to spend some time with cats. Unlike most cat...
Run by the Lixil corporation, a global conglomerate that manufactures kitchen and bathroom fixtures and building materials, this in-house museum focuses on the history of the company and the building industry in general. ...
It's an entire museum devoted to old cellphones! The history and culture of mobile communication is the theme here, and visitors with an interest in Japanese industrial design can trace the evolution of mobile-phone...
Fans of Ajinomoto's MSG seasoning can learn all about the world of umami flavors and get a glimpse into the operations of a 21st-century food factory with Ajinomoto's very comprehensive factory tour. The ninety-minute...
With multiple small showrooms spread out over two rather compact floors, Makii Masuru is a bit more spacious than most of the galleries in the area, and hosts some interesting group shows of international artists. They're...

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