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This charming neighborhood Italian joint serves quite tasty food along with reasonably priced wines. The chef isn't shy about intense flavors - the caprese starter incorporates rocket to give it added bite, and the ravioli is loaded down with parmesan cheese for a very umami-rich experience. Lamb and other meats are grilled to perfection, in nicely sized portions. At lunchtime you can.... [Continue reading]
"Step out of your comfort zone" reads the sign in front of the shop. Yes, it's another salad bar with a slogan and an accompanying manifesto. The salads are pretty good though, some focusing on gourmet ingredients (prosciutto and mimolette; smoked duck and honey nuts; pork and mushroom with Boursin), and others on healthy-sounding grain combos (kale and quinoa; millet and beans). .... [Continue reading]
As the name implies, wine is the main focus at this bustling bar-restaurant, with a food menu designed to play a supporting role. Wine prices are extremely reasonable (the shop is run by the Seijo Ishii grocery chain), with quite a few wines priced at Y2800 or Y3200 per bottle, although you can certainly spend more if you're so inclined. There are usually around twenty choices by the.... [Continue reading]
This unpretentious neighborhood shop serves a wide variety of home-style Burmese dishes, prepared by chefs from Myanmar. If you just want a simple meal you can sit at the counter and order one of their many noodle or rice dishes, or you can bring a group to share with and explore the menu in more depth. Fermented delicacies seem to be a strong point here, with intriguing dishes like.... [Continue reading]
This comfortable office-district dining spot serves an eclectic menu of tasty dishes from Austria, Hungary, Germany and Holland along with European beers and budget wines. Although it faces a busy corridor in an office-building basement next to Otemachi station, the interior is surprisingly homey, with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, magazines to browse and a den-like ambience. There's a.... [Continue reading]
The specialty at Spoon is a hearty "French curry," prepared with European-style fond de veau stock and a mix of Indian spices, and it's one of the tastiest and most original Japanese curries in town. The menu lists several variations, the fanciest of which is a deluxe Special French Curry (Y1600) featuring tender braised beef tendon, a poached egg and many different vegetables, along with.... [Continue reading]
French-style gyoza dumplings and rotisserie chicken served with still and sparkling wines - that's the theme at this cross-cultural "gyoza bar." Chicken and/or gyoza orders come with three sauces of your choice, and though they're spectacularly salty, these sauces are by far the best thing here. Fashioned in exotic flavors like spicy ginger-tomato, mango-honey vinegar and dukkah oil (a.... [Continue reading]
Lamex serves some of the best Tex-Mex food in Tokyo, with flavors very close to what you find in southern California. While the extensive menu covers the usual bases - burritos, quesadillas, fajitas and so on - it's quite impressive in its breadth. For example there are nearly a dozen burrito variations, with fillings like stewed beef tongue, tequila-marinated steak and swordfish, all.... [Continue reading]
While we love the Korean barbecue joints, Thai restaurants and Middle-Eastern food markets of Okubo, this stylish but budget-friendly wine bar makes a nice change of pace. Wines by the glass are mostly priced at Y500 (a bit cheaper on average than other Vivo branches around town), and there are usually ten wines of the day to choose from, plus a few sherries. The simple food menu.... [Continue reading]
If you're a fanatic for freeze-dried miso soup - as so many trendy Tokyoites are these days - the selection here at Amano is unbeatable. But there's more than just soup - choose from an eye-opening selection of pastas, risotti and mini-portions of main dishes like curry and beef stew - more than 100 different freeze-dried items in all. Load up a basketful for quick snacks at home or in.... [Continue reading]
If you find that your evening of Asagaya bar-hopping is getting too frenetic, this low-key Okinawan-inspired dive bar is a great place to slow the pace and chill out for a bit. The interior is filled with not-quite-kitsch bric-a-brac and the walls are covered with posters and fliers for indie-theater productions and concerts of local musicians. Drinks include some oddball liqueurs.... [Continue reading]
With five locations and counting - scattered across some of Tokyo's more fashionable neighborhoods - the Australia-themed Bondi cafes are famous for their sandwiches and their atmosphere more than for their coffee. This sandwich-focused branch is located between two university campuses and is very popular with students, families and dogs - the last of which are allowed indoors, adding to.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

The latest listings from our sister site Craft Beer Bars Japan.
Luke's: Hiroo
The popular New York-based lobster shop is known for their Maine lobster, crabmeat and shrimp sandwiches. As a bonus, this branch serves around ten US craft beers in cans and bottles. Beers like Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA...
Hitachino Brewing Lab: Yaesu
This second Tokyo branch of Kiuchi Brewery's sort-of-brewpub offers ten taps of Hitachino Nest beer, including a few unusual seasonal brews that are hard to find elsewhere. Regular draft beers are all priced at Y680, and...
Ibrew: Kyobashi
Good craft beers at very reasonable prices - that's the chief selling point for this cozy, unpretentious beer bar. Ten Japanese craft brews are served on tap, all priced at just Y690 for a large size (410 ml) and Y390 for a...
New opening - Brew La La: Shimbashi
With room for around fifty customers, Brew La La is quite a bit more spacious than most Tokyo beer bars, and the friendly multilingual staff help make this a relaxing place to hang out. There's even room for a shuffleboard...
New opening - Far Yeast Tokyo: Omotesando
This smallish bar is run by Tokyo's Far Yeast Brewing Company and serves up to a dozen of their own brews, including seasonal and limited-edition labels. Most beers are priced at Y600 and Y900 for small and large sizes,...
Nihonbashi Brewery: Bakurocho
This brewpub is run by a veteran of HUB (Hopworks Urban Brewery) in Portland, Oregon, and the thirteen taps here carry HUB beers and other imports, domestic Japanese craft beers from producers like Kyoto Brewing, and one or...

Where in Tokyo

Find fun things to do between meals, from our sister site Where In Tokyo.
Animal Cafes - Calaugh: Tokyo Asakusa
One of the most food-focused cat cafes in Tokyo, Calaugh serves light dishes like galettes and curries, with beer, wine and cocktails supplementing the usual coffee and tea. Before 6pm there's a one-beverage minimum order...
Megumi Ogita Gallery: Tokyo Ginza
Manga, anime, toys and other aspects of pop culture are the inspiration for many of the shows at this international gallery. The exhibition area is comfortably spacious and can accommodate fairly large shows. As with all...
Gallery TOM: Tokyo Shibuya
This three-story building houses a private residence on the ground floor and gallery spaces upstairs for a private art museum created to help blind and visually impaired people experience art. (In case you're wondering who...
Angers Bureau: Tokyo Marunouchi
Stationery enthusiasts will marvel at the breadth of offerings at this gorgeous little shop - everything from vintage fountain pens and artisanal ink to deluxe planners and notebooks from Japan and abroad. There are...
Animal Cafes - Miagolare: Tokyo Nakano-ku
Neighborhood cat cafes like this one have a different feel from establishments in bustling shopping zones like Ikebukuro or Harajuku. The cats here seem friendlier and less jaded, and visitors include more regular customers...
Good Design Store Tokyo: Tokyo Marunouchi
All the goods on display here have been past winners of Japan's Good Design Award for noteworthy industrial design, so browsing the shelves is a bit like visiting a design museum. The collection is incredibly diverse but...

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