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okinawan noodles


Okinawan cuisine in Japan

TIP: If you're new to Okinawan cuisine, be sure to try rafuti (stewed pork) and goya chanpuru (stir-fry with bitter melon). A couple of unusual treats for the adventurous diner are umi-budo, "sea grapes" with a pleasingly crunchy texture, and tofuyo (dried tofu fermented in awamori). And for the daredevils in the crowd - raw goat meat!
Lightly batter-fried seafood and vegetables
Grilled pork on skewers and other pork dishes
Charcoal-grilled freshwater eel
Deep-fried octopus dumplings, an Osaka specialty
Learn about different ramen styles,and how to use the ticket machine
Savory pancakes in Osaka, Hiroshima and Tokyo versions
Japan's most popular comfort food
Deep-fried pork cutlet
Quick-cooked stews that are perfect for winter
Grilled chicken on skewers, with sauce or just salt
An introduction to different types of sake, plus a glossary of sake terminology
A glossary of Japanese fish and seafood, plus helpful restaurant phrases

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