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A suburban branch of the beloved Moto group of sake specialty bars, Plat Stand is a casual, very relaxed drinking spot with friendly service and great food. Sake is optionally served in 65ml tasting-size glasses, so it's easy to put together your own tasting flights, either by consulting with the staff or by choosing interesting-looking bottles from the fridge up front. The fridge is.... [Continue reading]
This simply named shop specializes in New York-style pizza, usually preparing pies with a half-dozen different toppings to choose from at any given time. The pizzas are large in diameter, as you'd find in New York, and served by the slice (Y390-500) or by the whole pie (from Y3120). The small dining area is furnished with four small tables plus a standing area for when it gets crowded;.... [Continue reading]
Craft beer and curry are the draws at this neighborhood curry shop and beer bar. You can choose from four different types of Indo-style Japanese curries, all distinctively flavored and very tasty. Two- and three-curry sets are available if you want some variety. The five taps mostly dispense imports like Gigantic and Upright (both from Portland OR), and there's a decent bottled.... [Continue reading]
Maine-style lobster rolls are the specialty here, to eat in or take out. They also serve shrimp and crab rolls, combination sets, and lobster and crab grilled-cheese sandwiches. Unlike most other branches around town, Luke's in Ginza has quite ample indoor seating. Sandwiches start at around Y1000, and you can get US craft beers like Sierra Nevada pale ale and Fat Tire Belgian ale for.... [Continue reading]
Among Brazilian churrasco restaurants in Tokyo, Que Bom's lunchtime Brazilian buffet is an especially good deal. A churrasco plate with three kinds of meat plus the buffet is just Y1280, and you can add on extra servings of meat for Y100 a piece. The buffet table is nicely laid out with salad-bar greens and vegetables (such as hearts of palm), a nicely prepared feijoada black-bean stew,.... [Continue reading]
If you're looking for hard-to-find sake from Gunma Prefecture you'll find more than forty varieties on sale here, along with local craft beers, wines, food and handicrafts. There's a tasting counter in one corner where you can sample sake for Y500 a glass; they also serve tasting flights of local wines (three glasses for Y1000), craft beer and desserts. In addition to booze, they stock.... [Continue reading]
Some thirty varieties of craft sake are served by the glass in this cozy basement izakaya, accompanied by a menu of creative, sake-friendly small dishes. Sake is served in 90ml and 144ml portions (5-shaku and 8-shaku in traditional sake measuring units), so it's easy and economical to assemble your own tasting flights. The list balances popular labels with lesser-known kura, and a broad.... [Continue reading]
With the recent proliferation of meat bars in Tokyo, hyperspecialization is the next logical step. Here at 0,19 you can choose from dozens of lamb-based mains and starters, including grilled lamb steaks, lamb skewers, lamb-mushroom ajillo and lamb chops of the day. The casual atmosphere, inexpensive drinks and entertainingly diverse food menu are geared towards after-work parties and.... [Continue reading]
More like coffee stand in the paint store, this cute little mini-cafe is located inside the multistory Colorworks Palette art supply store. Drip coffee comes with a choice of single-bean or blend, and is served hot, cold, or au lait, priced from Y450. You can browse through paint catalogs at one of the small tables while you enjoy your coffee. .... [Continue reading]
A friendly neighborhood bistro, Day Food Lab serves creative European-international cuisine that doesn't take itself too seriously. You can choose from an eclectic menu of items like rocket-bacon salad, duck confit and uni white-asparagus carbonara pasta. Alternatively you can try your luck with the six-course prix-fixe menu (just Y2800), which seems to showcase whatever ingredients of.... [Continue reading]
Fantastic Hokkaido seafood and a nice selection of premium craft sake are served at this unpretentious basement izakaya. The sashimi platters are reliable, and often feature fish that you don't see everywhere else in Tokyo, so don't be surprised if you see names on the menu that you don't recognize. Fresh Hokkaido produce is used to good effect in salads and grilled vegetable plates. .... [Continue reading]
Argentine-style barbecued meats are the specialty here, served with reasonably priced wines in a friendly, casual setting. The three dinnertime set menus - each featuring a delectable assortment of grilled meats, smoked-meat starters and a few side dishes - are definitely the way to go. Even the smallest of these is quite filling, while the most deluxe option is hefty enough to induce a.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

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This unpretentious neighborhood bar has four taps devoted to local Japanese craft beers, including an original collaboration brewed for this shop. Non-beer drinkers can opt for sake or various wines and cocktails. ...
Half craft-beer standing bar and half wine retail shop, TDM serves a rotating selection of four draft beers from their main brewing facility in Yokohama. They also have around ten wines by the glass, and there's a nice...
Open Fridays through Sundays only, this up-and-coming nanobrewery offers eight taps of their own original beers at quite reasonable prices (Y550-650 for 275ml). Some of their popular brews include Belgian-style White Moon...
With its old-fashioned wood-themed decor and its traditional German food menu, this long-running beer hall feels like a relic of past times. The extensive beer list is quite up to date though - in addition to more than two...
By far the hippest and most fun craft-beer bar we've found in town, Fukuoka Craft offers an excellent menu of casual Mexican cuisine along with a decent selection of Japanese and imported craft beers on tap. If you enjoy...
Produced by the popular Craft Beer Market chain, Beer Boy is a standing bar with nine taps of craft beers and an izakaya-style food menu. Food comes in small, snack-size portions and it's consistently well prepared and...

Where in Tokyo

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Located around the corner from the art galleries of complex665 and just a few minutes away from the Mori Art Museum, this three-story shopping complex is home to several major galleries, helping turn Roppongi into one of...
Although it's called a stationery museum, you won't find any envelopes, notebooks or other paper products at this quirky little museum. Instead they've assembled impressive collections of rare inkstones and calligraphy...
Advertised as Japan's first Italian cat cafe, Yadorigi serves Italian food and coffee as well as wine, craft beer and cat-themed cocktails. They're a rescue-cat cafe, so most of the dozen or so resident cats (numbers may...
This excellent three-story museum covers the history of Tokyo's neighboring Kanagawa region from prehistoric times to the present day. Themed exhibition areas are devoted to ancient archeological finds, medieval life under...
Tokyu Railway's transportation museum offers plenty of hands-on activities for children and train enthusiasts, with numerous driving simulators and three different room-size model-train layouts. There are lots of features...
Located in the heart of the cat-obsessed Yanaka district, Yanakado specializes in manekineko - beckoning cat figurines - along with other tasteful cat-themed goods. Manekineko figurines come in all sizes, with both raised...

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