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This casual standing bar serves a good selection of craft sake by the glass, plus several pre-selected tasting flights to compare and contrast. The food menu is surprisingly large for this type of establishment - mostly simple stews, pickles and similar sake-friendly fare - and there's a full-size kitchen and a dedicated chef in back of the main counter area. The assorted cheeses,.... [Continue reading]
Qibao serves only one dish - spicy Szechuan-style soup with glass noodles. The soup is infused with a blend of medicinal herbs, and to keep things interesting there are dozens of optional extra ingredients that you can mix and match to fill up your bowl. Some popular ingredient choices include dumplings stuffed with shrimp and crabmeat, leafy vegetables like spinach, bok choy and.... [Continue reading]
One of an small chain of ramen shops noted for their inventive recipes, this branch of Mensho specializes in tori paitan (creamy chicken stock) ramen. The beige-colored soup is light and refreshing, with creamy soy milk balanced by a bit of tart lemon. The most popular variety - cheese paitan - comes topped with a big mound of grated cheese that gradually turns gooey as it melts into the.... [Continue reading]
This cozy neighborhood spot serves a great line-up of burgers and sandwiches. The burgers are some of the best in town, with a pleasant infusion of charcoal flavoring from the grill, and they're served with excellent home-made bacon, crisp thinly cut fries and good cole slaw. There are also plenty of optional toppings such as grilled jalapenos and chili con carne. In the evenings the.... [Continue reading]
This old-fashioned Osaka-based shop serves up richly flavored curry with meaty main ingredients like stewed pork belly and chicken cutlet. The pork belly is particularly recommended - the curry is topped with a thick, fairly large slab of naturally fatty meat that's tender enough to fall apart on your fork. It's nicely complemented by the curry roux, which has a pleasing combination of.... [Continue reading]
Maybe it's the lace doilies and bud vases on the tables, or the antique cabinets and crammed bookshelves, but this tiny Polish bakery-cafe has a certain Old World charm. You can pick up a bag of doughnuts and cake to go, as most customers do, or grab one of the cafe's three small tables and enjoy your dessert here with a cup of Polish coffee. If you want something more substantial,.... [Continue reading]
Listed on all the gourmet-coffee maps of Tokyo, Monz Cafe is located along the shopping street leading up to Fukagawa Fudo, a local temple that attracts its share of tourists. The cafe is equipped with a La Marzocco espresso machine, and coffee beans are from the nearby Allpress roastery. Seating in the cafe is adequate but not exactly luxurious - the best seats are out in front of.... [Continue reading]
This lively sake-izakaya chain offers a selection of 40 different craft sake at surprisingly cheap prices - they start at Y280, and even premium brands like Aramasa start at just Y314 per serving. Sake comes in cute little 100ml bottles that are much easier to share with your group than typical sake-bar DIY tasting flights. You can also take the labels home with you to remember what you.... [Continue reading]
This is the second outlet of the excellent Takadanobaba sandwich shop, and unlike the original branch, this one has indoor counter seating as well as a few chairs out on the sidewalk. Sandwiches are Y550-650, and come in ten varieties, including ham and pate, ham and liver paste, shrimp-avocado and chicken curry. There's a vending machine ticket system, where you order via the machine.... [Continue reading]
If you like sake and you're in the Tsukishima area, this stylish little standing bar is worth checking out for a quick drink and maybe a snack. They offer sake from 54 different brewers, half of them from the Shimane/Tottori region and the remainder from all over Japan. Many of the selections, even from well-known breweries, are unusual and unexpected - this definitely isn't your.... [Continue reading]
South Indian-style curries, grilled meats and cheese kulcha are the specialties of the house at this self-described tandoor bar. The cheese kulcha is particularly gooey and delicious, and is well worth a try, while the curries are well prepared with distinctive individual flavors. At lunchtime there's a rotating roster of three curries of the day to choose from, one each in mild, medium.... [Continue reading]
This friendly neighborhood sandwich shop in out-of-the-way Kaigan serves the best pastrami in town, along with espresso-barbecue pork, crunchy chicken, and aged-beef menchi-katsu sandwiches and "Classic Pure Burgers." The pastrami is thick-cut and fatty, with a rich smoky flavor, and comes with optional toppings like jalapenos, avocado, cheddar and gruyere. The dining room is small but.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

The latest listings from our sister site Craft Beer Bars Japan.
Run by the popular Delirium Cafe group of Belgian beer bars, Muh offers an impressive selection of well-prepared grilled meats - premium wagyu, Iberico pork, Hungarian duck, Ezo venison and lots more. There are also...
Run by the Sazaby group (Afternoon Tea, Shake Shack), Ibeer offers a line-up of ten Japanese craft beers on tap and a diverse food menu. Although it's not the most cutting-edge selection in town there are usually at least a...
Run by a veteran of the esteemed Fire House burger shop in Hongo, Folk Burgers offers one of the best selections of craft beers among Tokyo's gourmet burger shops. The burgers are solid and reliable, made with American...
Small in scale and stylishly appointed, this charming little drinking spot has a more comfortable, intimate feel than many of the larger beer bars in this part of town. Ten taps of domestic craft beers are supplemented by a...
Craft Beer Tap carries a selection of mostly German, Czech and Belgian beers on tap along with some unusual craft beers from the US and a substantial bottled selection. They're worth knowing about for their late-night hours...
The Delirium Cafe chain of Belgian beer bars imports their own beers, and this central-Akihabara branch showcases brews from De Dolle Brouwers in Essen, Belgium. There are ten beers on tap as well as a huge assortment of...

Where in Tokyo

Find fun things to do between meals, from our sister site Where In Tokyo.
Filled with lush greenery, this traditional Japanese garden is known for its seasonal flower displays. According to their garden calendar, over the course of the year you can look forward to seeing cherry blossoms...
Mipig is a cafe where you can hang out with cute baby pigs. They're friendly and curious, and they wag their tails just like puppies. You can pet them when they sit in your lap and they make cute snorting noises. Really,...
A large sculpture of a fish with a human face and a bust of Frederick I on its back is a startling sight to run across when you're out for a walk. It's just one of several unusual artworks on display in the tiny park in...
Small animals like red pandas, prairie dogs, squirrels, wallabies, Humboldt penguins and tropical birds make up most of the residents of this compact city-run zoo, with around thirty animal species in all. Although...
Featuring American and other international artists, exhibitions at this small neighborhood art gallery reflect the owner's interest in urban art, including work coming out of the culture of graffiti and gigantic urban wall...
If you were acquainted with the spectacular Muji flagship store located in nearby Yurakucho, this current incarnation may be disappointing. The wide-open spaces and vistas of the former flagship have been replaced by poorly...

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