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A sake-specialty izakaya, Ponshuya offers more than 200 kinds of sake along with well-constructed sake-friendly delicacies. You can choose from 30ml, 50ml and ichigo serving sizes, so it's easy to put together your own sake tasting flights, either after inspecting the refrigerators or in consultation with the staff. Prices start at a very reasonable Y250-Y450 for a small-size glass..... [Continue reading]
This sandwich specialty shop located inside the Ebisu Food Hall complex offers seven types of banh mi sandwiches such as Pork with Sweet Chili Mayo, Braised Chicken with Lemongrass, and Soft Shrimp. The sandwiches are livened up with plenty of fresh cilantro, although we wouldn't mind a few more pickles in the mix. Vietnamese soup and Egg Coffee are optional add-ons, and you can.... [Continue reading]
While Rang Mang's karaage fried chicken isn't as super-crunchy as some of its competitors, it achieves a good balance of texture and flavor - the thigh meat is juicy but not at all greasy, and the crust has just a bit of crunch to it. You can choose from more than a dozen flavorings - from simple salt or soy sauce to garlic-sansho, mentaiko-mayonnaise or curry-sauce - plus optional dips.... [Continue reading]
Freshly baked trdelnik - flaky cylindrical pastries popular in the Czech Republic - are served here in sweet and savory variations, accompanied by Czech herbal teas, coffee and Czech beer. Savory offerings include the Pilsen (sliced ham and cheese) and the Bohemia (Czech meatloaf and cheese), while the numerous dessert versions incorporate ingredients like soft ice cream, jams, flavored.... [Continue reading]
Falafel, hummus, babaganoush, Israeli salads and pita sandwiches are the specialties at this casual office-building basement shop. Lunches come with soup plus either a pita sandwich or platter with falafel, schnitzel, chicken or lamb. The lamb platter is particularly recommended - it's built around a hefty slab of tender roast lamb, accompanied by cole slaw, baby-leaf salad, very soft.... [Continue reading]
Miu is a relaxed neighborhood hangout spot, with good music, interesting original drinks and a chilled-out atmosphere. The signature cocktail, made from home-made limoncello and home-made ginger ale, is spicy and invigorating, and well worth a try. They also serve wine and beer, a sake of the day, and a light food menu. The soundtrack during a recent visit tended towards upbeat jazz and.... [Continue reading]
A fixture in shopping malls across the US, this very popular chain (with 1900 branches around the world) specializes in a uniquely American cuisine - American-Chinese food. If you're not familiar with the genre, Panda's famous Orange Chicken is a good place to start, with its pleasantly crunchy texture and its complementary sweet and sour flavors. Panda's Egg Rolls are nicely balanced.... [Continue reading]
Part of the Tinun group of Thai restaurants, Sukhumvit Soi 55 is worth knowing about for their reasonably priced weekday lunch buffet if you happen to be in the neighborhood and hungry. In addition to one main dish of your choice you can help yourself to unlimited servings of a curry and two other entrees, a Thai-style salad and a green salad, one soup, rice and one dessert. Although the.... [Continue reading]
Rojo Amigo Kitchen turns out very credible Mexican and Tex-Mex fare, ranging from more than a dozen burrito variations to less-often-found regional dishes like Cochinita Pibil (Yucatan-style barbecued pork) and Albondigas de Cordero (lamb meatballs). Drinks include Mexican craft beers (Day of the Dead), budget wines, cocktails and a big selection of tequilas and mezcals. We started a.... [Continue reading]
Advertised as a "prosciutteria e bar," this casual drinking spot offers a tempting assortment of prosciutto and salami platters along with Italian-style appetizers and pastas. House wines are a very reasonable Y480 per glass or Y2800 for a one-liter decanter. The atmosphere at night is quite lively and the background music can be fairly loud, so this isn't the place to come for a quiet.... [Continue reading]
Gin no Mori is a sake-focused izakaya offering an impressive selection of bottles from smaller craft breweries around Japan, all quite reasonably priced. Small 90ml glasses are a convenient size if you want to try a few different types of sake over the course of the evening, and these are typically priced at Y400-490, while larger 150ml servings go for Y600-730. The food menu features.... [Continue reading]
Curry udon is served in several variations here - Vietnamese-inspired coconut-based curries, cheese curries, and udon noodles with tsukemen-style curry dipping sauce. Crunchy tempura-fried shrimp kakiage and extra-crunchy pork cutlet are among the dozens of optional toppings, and both are good at maintaining their structural integrity in the curry soup. The shop is comfortable for solo.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

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This spacious beer bar offers 16 or so well-chosen craft beers from breweries like Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland, OR), Omnipollo (Stockholm), Wylam (Newcastle upon Tyne) and Outsider (Yamanashi). Citraba occupies the...
With 47 taps, this spacious branch of the Ibrew craft-beer bar chain boasts one of the largest tap selections in Tokyo. Prices are quite reasonable, with almost all beers priced at Y390 and Y690 for medium- and large-size...
The eleven taps here dispense English beers from the highly regarded Thornbridge brewery, along with a few offerings from local brewers Ushitora and Hitachino Nest. Beers come in three sizes and are reasonably priced; they...
A spacious craft-beer bar at the southern end of Shimo-Kitazawa, Coaster offers a nice mix of Japanese, American and European craft beers from their fifteen taps. Beer comes in two sizes, priced Y600-850 for a small glass...
Run by the Wondertable group and serving beer supplied by Karuizawa's Yaho Brewing (Yona Yona), this branch of the Beer Works offers the usual selection of tasty craft-sausage variations and roast Date Chicken that the chain...
Raw fish, grilled seafood and Belgian beers are the draw here, with more than twenty Belgian beers on tap. There's also a good selection of inexpensive wines and fresh-fruit cocktails. Budget around Y4000 at dinnertime, or...

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Japanese and Chinese paintings, ceramics, calligraphy, tea ceremony implements, swords and mirrors - there are over 5,000 items making up the museum's impressive collection. Unfortunately, though, we'll probably only get to...
After a three-year hiatus for renovation work, Tokyo's premier contemporary-art museum finally reopened in March 2019, incidentally giving a boost to the handful of small independent galleries that have gathered in the...
Located on the seventh floor of DiverCity shopping mall in Aomi, this mini theme park is devoted to the popular Gundam anime series, and is surprisingly spacious and diverse. Hardcore fans will enjoy exploring the gallery...
Setting themselves apart from the other cat-focused gift shops in Yanaka, Neko Action sells original artwork and cat-themed craft items such as ceramic figurines, t-shirts and nihonga-style painted stones. There are also...
Run by the city government of Kita-ku in northern Tokyo, this well-curated history museum covers a number of topics of local interest, starting with archeological finds from local prehistoric settlements dating back 30,000...
The former home and studio of sculptor Fumio Asakura (1883-1964) now houses a surprisingly large museum dedicated to his work. The sprawling building was designed by Asakura himself, and consists of a European-style studio...

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