Jimbocho: Curry
Bondy (Jimbocho: Curry)
Open 11am-10pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

The curry sauce here is scrumptious, with a natural fruit sweetness, well-balanced spices and complex flavors. There aren't many mixed-ingredient options, but the shrimp, clam and chicken was quite good, with plump shrimps and juicy, flavorful clams. It also came with button mushrooms, almonds and a sprig of watercress on top - a nice touch - plus umeboshi and a couple of sweet and delicious potatoes on the side.

The entrance is through a used bookstore - take the far right-hand aisle. Bondy gets extra points in our book for being open all afternoon. Prices average around Y1500, and take-out is available.

Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Jimbocho 2-3, Kosho Center 2F.
東京都千代田区神田神保町2-3 古書センター2F
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Venue listing from Bento.com5 Star Rating: highly recommended