The Food Gallery
Food-related Japan travel excursions


Food-related museums

Way more than you need to know about Japanese fish cakes, plus hands-on cooking lessons (Odawara)
Explore agricultural history, sake-making and Japan's biggest collection of stuffed roosters (Tokyo Setagaya-ku)
Make your own cup noodles and explore the world-noodles food court (Yokohama)
A combination museum, restaurant complex and mini-theme park, with eight ramen shops to try (Yokohama)
Kobe's biggest sake museum, built in an old brewery building (Kobe)
This compact museum features a rice-polishing mill run by a waterwheel (Kobe)
Traditional sake production and distribution are the focus of this charming museum (Kobe)
Learn about beer making and the history of Sapporo Beer (Tokyo Ebisu)
More cup-noodle fun at this instant-noodle specialty museum (Osaka Prefecture)


Take a peek inside Japanese department-store food halls

Food markets

Fresh-food markets around Japan

Culinary attractions

Take an English-language tour of a sake brewery (Tokyo Fussa)
Sake brewers dress up for festivals and tastings around the country
A wine-tasting cave with an open bar (Yamanashi)
Where to buy kitchen knives, industrial-sized ovens and those cute plastic food models (Tokyo Asakusa)
Take in some of the stranger sights on the streets of Dotonbori
A fun dumpling-focused food court (Tokyo Ikebukuro)
Watch sembei crackers being made, and choose from 100 flavors (Tokyo Asakusa)
Japan's first meat theme park, with a mini meat museum (Tokyo Minami-Osawa)

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