• The Deep Freeze
The Deep Freeze

This is where you can find some of the older articles and features from bento.com's past. We can't guarantee that the information is up to date, but you might enjoy browsing through a few of them anyway.

Tokyo Food Page features

Health food from 200BC
Ten kinds of tofu for dinner
Old woodblock prints of food-related scenes from Old Japan
Original sketches of Japanese food scenes by Eri Nakada
Sushi color swatches for your decorating needs, and sushi soundfiles.
A 1996 visit to an unusual "water bar" in a Tokyo department store (no longer there).
Telephone numbers and restaurant listings for the Palm Pilot platform (using TealMeal software), last updated in late 2002.

Sake World Newsletter

Some back issues of the newsletter
All about namazake (unpasteurized sake); end of the brewing season
Gov't regulations and US sake market, 7 sake reviews
White, cloudy nigori-zake, a brief history of sake (part two)
Silly regulations, a brief history of sake (part one)
Sake yeasts, sake in San Francisco, new sake book
Sake reviews, sake events in NYC, Sasagin review
Sake reviews, news on sake imports, good sake pubs

Article Search

Tokyo Meltdown features

A critical look at some of Tokyo's notable modern buildings.
Now somewhat out of date
Only a little out of date (as of late 2008)
Find the latest yen exchange rates
Department stores, airlines, emergency and medical numbers
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