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Welcome to the Tokyo Food Page's multimedia area -- we hope you find it both entertaining and useful. The first feature is Sushi Soundfiles, a collection of audio clips that will let you experience some of the sounds of a typical meal without leaving your computer screen. And if you plan to redecorate soon, Sushi Color Swatches(TM) can help you coordinate your interiors with your favorite sushi varieties.

Sushi Soundfiles
Click on the speaker icons below. Note: if you don't have audio capability, simply try pronouncing the letters before each description.
download audio bbvvvvvvwww
Agari (green tea served at the end of the meal) being poured
download audio tkkkkkt
A pair of waribashi (disposable chopsticks) being split apart
download audio pttttk pttttk
A rice "finger" being pressed into shape for nigiri-zushi
download audio krrrppt
The rustle of nori (toasted seaweed) used to wrap maki-zushi


Sushi Color Swatches
These swatches should prove handy if you want to buy table linen that harmonizes with your favorite types of sushi. Now you don't have to carry pieces of sushi to the store with you -- simply bring your computer instead.
color swatch Maguro (tuna) color swatch Uni (sea urchin)
color swatch Ika (squid) color swatch Gari (ginger)
color swatch Tamago (egg) color swatch Nori (seaweed)