Tokyo restaurant databases for PDA users
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Here are versions of the Tokyo Food Page restaurant database for Palm Pilot users. The zipped archive includes 1) Tokyo restaurants; 2) Yokohama/Kanazawa restaurants; 3) Tokyo bar guide; and 4) Tokyo phone directory. There are also unzipped versions in case you have trouble with the zip files.

To access the databases, you must also install the TealMeal shareware utility for Palm Pilot. (You can download it here, or go to their website by clicking on the banner below for more information.) The TealMeal program allows you to add your own listings, and also access restaurant databases from other cities around the world.

[Note: The database was last updated in early 1993, and is no longer supported in this format.]

Restaurant databases in TealMeal format. - Tokyo and Yokohama/Kanazawa databases, Tokyo phone directory and Tokyo bar guide (TealMeal format, zipped, 78K). - Tokyo east and west databases (TealMeal format, zipped, 45K). - Tokyo bar guide (TealMeal format, zipped, 14K).

Tokyo, Tokyo bars, Tokyo phone, Yokohama files (TealMeal format, unzipped)


TealMeal shareware utility for Palm Pilot