Isetan Department Store
Tokyo Shinjuku


Once you're done checking out Isetan's high-end fashions, head down to the basement to experience the best food hall in Tokyo. You'll find fresh seafood and produce, gift-ready (and astronomically priced) melons and matsutake mushrooms, luxurious bento boxes and simple tempura and yakitori to go. Plus an enormous selection of pickles, miso, rice crackers and packaged sweets - all of them top quality.

If you don't want to cook tonight there's a tempting choice of French, Spanish and other European prepared deli dishes, several excellent bakery stalls, and impressive sake and wine shops that are worth a visit in their own right. Stop in for a nibble of top-grade Spanish ham at the World Meat Bar, a dainty chocolate or two at the Cave a Chocolat, or a taste of premium Japanese whiskey at the wine-shop bar.

Isetan: Shinjuku
Shinjuku / Department store
Open 10am-7:30pm daily.
Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-14-1.

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