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Tempura in Japan

TIP: Good tempura doesn't necessarily need dipping sauce. Many people prefer just a sprinkle of salt, to better experience the lightness of the batter and the taste of the ingredients themselves. Try a few pieces to see if you agree.
Occupying a former geisha house in a Kagurazaka back street, Tenko has a beautiful traditional setting and a serene atmosphere. The tempura is exquisite - succulent morsels of seasonal seafood and vegetables covered in a light, almost greaseless coating and paired with plain sea salt for dipping. Prix-fixe menus are Y17,000-21,000 for dinner and Y2500-5000 for lunch..... [Continue reading]
We first noticed this charming hole-in-the-wall drinking spot thanks to the prominent display of their daily sake menu on their front wall. Although they're not a sake specialist, their selection of a dozen or so craft sake is carefully chosen, and sake is served in smaller 90ml and 120ml glasses, so you can try a few different types over the course of a visit. The food menu focuses on.... [Continue reading]
The main branch of one of Japan's most successful tempura restaurants. They've maintained their high standards while managing to keep prices very reasonable. Call ahead of time to avoid waiting on line..... [Continue reading]
Good-quality tempura at reasonable prices; the original branch in Tokyo dates back to 1918. In addition to the usual fish and seafood, Hisago offers a vegetarian prix-fixe menu featuring sesame tofu and various seasonal vegetables. Budget around Y4000 at dinnertime or Y1800 for lunch. .... [Continue reading]
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