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Okinawan cuisine in Japan

TIP: If you're new to Okinawan cuisine, be sure to try rafuti (stewed pork) and goya chanpuru (stir-fry with bitter melon). A couple of unusual treats for the adventurous diner are umi-budo, "sea grapes" with a pleasingly crunchy texture, and tofuyo (dried tofu fermented in awamori). And for the daredevils in the crowd - raw goat meat!
A large, lively izakaya that occasionally hosts performances of Okinawan musicians. There's a long counter and big tatami mat area - both usually packed. The staff wear Okinawan costumes, there's non-stop Okinawan music in the air, and the counter is decorated with cans of Spam, taco sauce, and other Okinawan delicacies. The food is wonderful and fairly cheap - highlights include their.... [Continue reading]
If you like Okinawan food and enjoy trying new craft beers, this casual basement izakaya is well worth a visit. Along with a selection of well-prepared Okinawan fare you can choose from nine rotating taps of craft beers, representing multiple Okinawan craft breweries. The Okinawan standards on the menu seem a bit lighter and more refined than usual - champuru stir-fries are less oily.... [Continue reading]
This is Okinawan food as haute cuisine, with a good number of special Royal-style dishes in addition to the usual champuru stir-fries. Recommended dishes are the minudaru (tender roast pork with a sesame-based sauce), the rather lean rafti (braised pork), the Okinawan soba and the excellent peanut tofu. There's a short nightly performance of Okinawan dance at 8:30. Prices are a bit higher.... [Continue reading]
Good Okinawan standards and a lively atmosphere are the draws at this Ginza basement izakaya. The extensive menu includes Okinawan tempura (pork, goya, pickled konbu seaweed), hirayachi (Okinawan okonomiyaki), and stir-fried pig's ears. At lunchtime you can order teishoku sets featuring Okinawan soba and champuru stir-fries (Y800). Budget around Y3500 at dinnertime. Unlike many izakaya.... [Continue reading]
The very popular Restaurant Okinawa fills up soon after work lets out, probably because of their cheap drinks. The Okinawan food - dishes like champuru stir-fries and pig's ear - seems mainly intended to accompany the drinks.... [Continue reading]
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