Ding Yi
Nishi-Shinjuku: Dim sum
Ding Yi (Nishi-Shinjuku: Dim sum)
Ding Yi
Open 11am-9pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Good Hong Kong-style dim sum is served all day long in this conveniently located shop attached to Shinjuku Station. You can choose from a fair assortment of dim sum favorites - xiao long bao, spicy xiao long bao, well-stuffed shrimp dumplings and very crispy spring rolls. Okayu porridge, fried rice and noodle dishes are provided for your carbohydrate needs.

A la carte items include a nice cold chicken in yuzu-sesame sauce and standards like shrimp in chili sauce. For dessert you can indulge in coconut dumplings, mango pudding, or Kuronkyu (Kowloon Balls), colorful gelatin spheres in seasonal fruit flavors.

Various set menus are attractive options if you're dining solo - for example the fried-rice menu features five different dumplings, a half-size portion of shrimp-lettuce fried rice, a small salad and soup. Whatever you order, a big pot of tea is provided as soon as you sit down, so you don't need to order it separately.

Note that the restaurant's name is also variously transliterated as Din Ii, Dhin I, and Tripod One (the last from the auto-translated website of the department store where it is located).

Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-Shinjuku 1-1-3, Shinjuku Mylord 7F.
Vh1-1-3 Vh~[h 7F

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