Dig The Line Doors
Harajuku: Beer bar
Dig The Line Doors (Harajuku: Beer bar)
Dig The Line Doors
Open noon-10:30pm (LO; Sun -9) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
decor: Notable decor

This starkly minimalist taproom and bottle shop is the first Tokyo branch of a popular Kyoto bar run by an importer of European craft beers. They are equipped with five taps for draft beers and cider, or you can choose from around 150 canned and bottled beers from their extremely well-stocked refrigerators.

Swedish beers are heavily represented here, including dozens of unusual beers from Brewski brewery, many of them wild ales and/or fruit-infused. We also found a good selection of Belgians, including some premium-level large bottles to share, and we even spotted a few Baltic porters from Poland.

Y800-1,200 per can seems to be a typical price for the unusual canned beers, with an extra Y200 if you want to drink them here. There are around half a dozen seats, plus additional standing room inside the shop. The food menu is mainly small snacks, although you can bring in your own food if you like, perhaps from the French bakery Aux Baccanales located upstairs.

Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 1-14-30, With Harajuku B1F.
saJ_{O1-14-30 EBYh B1F

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