Takeshiba: Bar
Brauertafel (Takeshiba: Bar)
Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Forty craft ciders from Washington State cidermakers are served at this spacious waterfront bar-restaurant, along with brick oven-roasted meats and vegetables. Only one of the ciders is on tap (the other 39 come in cans and bottles), but they also have nineteen taps dispensing beers from Germany, Belgium, Czechia and the US.

Eight varieties of Seattle Cider are among the most budget-friendly items on the cider list, priced at Y1,200 for a 473ml can, while Raspberry, Mango, Peachy Keen and other fruity brews from Tart Cider are Y1,400 for a similar-sized can. At the upper end of the price scale, 500ml bottles from Chatter Creek run Y3,200 each. Draft cider (from Seattle Cider) is Y900 for a 250ml pour.

The large dining room seats 128 guests, and there's some outdoor terrace seating as well. Lunch is served until 2:30pm, and dinner service starts at 5pm. Budget around Y5,500-7,000 for food and drink at dinnertime.

Minato-ku, Kaigan 1-10-30, Atre Takeshiba Tower 1F.
“Œ‹ž“s`‹æŠCŠÝ1-10-30 ƒAƒgƒŒ’|ŽÅ ƒ^ƒ[“‚PF

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