Mita: Mexican
Cabos (Mita: Mexican)
Open 11:30am-1am (LO; -10pm weekends) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Cabos Modern Mexican serves creative international cuisine built on a sophisticated urban-Mexican base, worlds away from typical Tokyo Mexican and Tex-Mex fare. Ceviche-style cold starters, original tacos and numerous oyster dishes are some of the specialties of the house, along with intriguing signature cocktails and fruit-based drinks.

The Trio de la Casa is an excellent introduction to the menu. It's an appetizing selection of three ceviche variations featuring different types of fish/seafood and different spice profiles, all very fresh and original. The spicy Menudo (tripe stew), one of the more traditional dishes on the menu, makes a nice hearty follow-up. Shrimp fritters, shrimp-mushroom ajillos, oyster ajillos and quesadillas are among the other starter options.

Carnitas tacos are delightful, topped with a good portion of rich stewed pork and livened up by the shop's original sauces. There are ten different taco options altogether, all made with corn tortillas and featuring toppings like beef tongue-avocado, black Baha fish, and soft-shell crab.

There are a handful of main dishes like ribeye steaks and grilled pork chops, but you can easily assemble a meal just from ceviches, tacos, quesadillas and other small dishes.

Cabos's dozen signature cocktails range from White Chocolate Negronis to Green Chili Pepper Fizzes. One of the more memorable creations is Like a Ceviche, a tequila- and tomato-based concoction inspired by shrimp ceviche, certainly the first shrimp-flavored alcoholic beverage we've encountered in Tokyo. They also serve more than a dozen fruit-based cocktails, some margaritas, and a few mocktails. Wines start at around Y3,000 per bottle, and there's a lineup of Minerva Mexican craft beers.

Located on the ground floor of a GEMS restaurant complex at the edge of the Mita/Tamachi restaurant zone, Cabos is attractively decorated, with courteous and competent service and a pet-friendly policy (inquire for details). Dinner with drinks comes in at around Y4,000-5,000 per person, well worth it for the excellent food, cocktails and overall experience. Lunch averages around Y1,100, and is served until 4pm.

Minato-ku, Shiba 5-9-8, Gems Tamachi 1F.
“Œ‹ž“s`‹æŽÅ5-9-8 GEMS“c’¬ 1F

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