Ngon Ngon #2
Asakusabashi: Vietnamese
Ngon Ngon #2 (Asakusabashi: Vietnamese)
Ngon Ngon #2
Open 11am-10pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

A branch of Takadanobaba's best banh mi specialist, Ngon Ngon #2 also offers several types of pho. More unusual for Tokyo, they produce a version of a Hanoi dish called Bun Dau Mam Tom - a pungent fermented shrimp paste served with noodles, fried tofu, pork belly and intestines, and vegetables, for Y1100. Most dishes other than pho bowls are ready for take-out.

Taito-ku, Asakusabashi 1-29-1, Solution Asakusabashi 2F.
s䓌󑐋1-29-1 \[V󑐋 2e

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