Chofu: Eastern European
Paczki (Chofu: Eastern European)
Open 11:30am-4, 5-8pm. Closed Wed, Thu.
Sun: Open Sundays

Maybe it's the lace doilies and bud vases on the tables, or the antique cabinets and crammed bookshelves, but this tiny Polish bakery-cafe has a certain Old World charm. You can pick up a bag of doughnuts and cake to go, as most customers do, or grab one of the cafe's three small tables and enjoy your dessert here with a cup of Polish coffee. If you want something more substantial, they've got tasty kielbasa-style sausages with fried potatoes, and platters of pierogies stuffed with meat, tuna or cottage cheese and potatoes.

Polish soups and a sandwich or two round out the tiny menu, along with drinks like banana milk and fruit smoothies. Desserts seem to vary by the day - the standard doughnut fillings are rose jelly, raspberry jelly and chocolate cream, and these are sometimes supplemented by flavors like hojicha cream (one of our favorites) and plum jam. There's also a very good banana cake.

While you're waiting for your order you can enjoy the cafe's more eccentric attractions, like the Polish dictionary sitting open on a stand, and the vintage Polish pop music playing in the background. On the counter you'll find tins of smoked sardines ready to take out, and there's also a wide assortment of modern Polish ceramics - teapots, coffee cups, egg cups and other tableware.

In addition to the pastries (and tinned sardines), you can pick up bags of ten or twenty frozen pierogies to go. The shop is located about five minutes from Shibasaki Station on the Keio line.

Chofu-shi, Kikunodai 1-27-20.

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