Plat Stand Moto
Kichijoji: Sake bar
Plat Stand Moto (Kichijoji: Sake bar)
Plat Stand Moto
Open noon-10pm (LO; Sun -8pm) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

A suburban branch of the beloved Moto group of sake specialty bars, Plat Stand is a casual, very relaxed drinking spot with friendly service and great food. Sake is optionally served in 65ml tasting-size glasses, so it's easy to put together your own tasting flights, either by consulting with the staff or by choosing interesting-looking bottles from the fridge up front. The fridge is worth careful perusal to discover the numerous seasonal specials and limited-edition bottles on offer any given day.

The food menu focuses on sake-friendly snacks with bold flavors such as miso-marinated tripe stew, ground-lamb fritters, smoked onions and deep-fried mentaiko. The grilled salmon belly with salmon roe is a standout dish, presenting a smart contrast of textures between the crisp charred skin, the slightly fatty meat and the vibrant, softly crunchy salmon eggs.

Assertively flavored chicken tsukune and smoked potato salad also work well to complement your sake, and there are more carb-inclusive options like beef curry-rice and Kyoto Duck soba if you're extra hungry. Budget around Y3000-4000 for a magnificent evening of food and drink.

Musashino-shi, Kichijoji Honcho 1-9-10, Family Plaza B1F.
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