Bondi Coffee Sandwiches
Komaba-Todaimae: Coffee shop
Bondi Coffee Sandwiches (Komaba-Todaimae: Coffee shop)
Bondi Coffee Sandwiches
Open 7am-8pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

With five locations and counting - scattered across some of Tokyo's more fashionable neighborhoods - the Australia-themed Bondi cafes are famous for their sandwiches and their atmosphere more than for their coffee. This sandwich-focused branch is located between two university campuses and is very popular with students, families and dogs - the last of which are allowed indoors, adding to the cafe's overall charm (and often its noise level).

True to its name, the cafe has a relaxing, beach-themed atmosphere, mixing light wood furniture and floors with white plaster walls and quirky modern art. There's a good amount of seating both indoors and out, with small tables and stools for groups and, if you're lucky, booth seating at large tables along the wall - ideal for getting some work done or at least taking advantage of the free wifi.

Bondi's famous sandwiches are entirely homemade, with three varieties of bread to choose from, all of them baked onsite. Fillings range from chicken or shrimp avocado to beef pastrami, and most sandwiches are priced Y500-650.

Other popular items include their delicious Eggs Benedict - served in generous portions - and the attractively plated, Instagram-ready acai bowls. Various muffins and other baked treats are served in the morning. The coffee is good, and the latte art makes up for the fact that a single drink often costs the same as, or more than, a sandwich.

Bondi Coffee Sandwiches is sandwiched between Tokai University and the University of Tokyo's Komaba campus, a short walk from Komabatodaimae station in one direction and Yoyogi-Uehara in the other.

by Mary Sedarous
Shibuya-ku, Tomigaya 2-22-8.
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