Le Petit l'Ouest
Shimo-Kitazawa: Liquor shop
Le Petit l'Ouest (Shimo-Kitazawa: Liquor shop)
Le Petit l'Ouest
Open 4-11pm (Sat 2-11, Sun 2-9). Closed Tuesdays.
Sun: Open Sundays

This Star Wars-themed neighborhood liquor shop stocks a wide selection of over 100 Japanese craft beers, one of the better selections in town. It helps to know what you're looking for though, as there are plenty of clunkers as well as hidden gems.

There's a small tasting corner in the front part of the shop where you can stand and drink your purchases for an extra Y100 per-bottle corkage charge. The management makes a point of explaining that this is just a tasting area, not a bar, so they discourage loud coversation and don't allow groups of more than three people.

Setagaya-ku, Daizawa 5-28-16.
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