Hanzomon: Oden
Inagaki (Hanzomon: Oden)
Open 5-10pm (LO). Closed weekends.

The decor and tableware at Inagaki are more stylish than your typical neighborhood izakaya, although the atmosphere is still quite down to earth, attracting a lively after-work crowd. The oden at the heart of the menu is fairly traditional, and served in three different styles of broth - soy-flavored Kanto style, lighter Kansai style, and heavier miso-flavored Nagoya style. The smaller Nagoya menu covers eight oden items, while the main menu offers 36 different items in a choice of Kanto- or Kansai-style broth.

Some highlights include juicy scallops, very airy hanpen, nice plump oysters, and richly flavored Nagoya-style daikon chunks. Assorted sashimi of the day and traditional izakaya-style side dishes are available to supplement your oden if you're hungry. The sake list is quite limited, and there are a few shochu choices. Budget around Y4000 for dinner with drinks.

Inagaki doesn't take reservations, so it's a good idea to show up well before 6pm if you want a seat. Seatings are for two and a half hours, so there may be another opportunity at around 8:30pm. The shop is closed on weekends, and for various extended holidays like Obon and Golden Week, so phone ahead if you're not sure if they'll be open.

Chiyoda-ku, Hirakawacho 1-8-8.
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