Roast Works: The Coffeeshop
Komaba-Todaimae: Coffee shop
Roast Works: The Coffeeshop (Komaba-Todaimae: Coffee shop)
Roast Works: The Coffeeshop
Open 10am-8pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

True to its name, this spacious venue is both a cafe and coffee-bean roastery, and its industrial-chic interior is dominated by bean-roasting and coffee-producing equipment. Most impressive is the Steampunk "craft brewing" machine behind the counter, which facilitates a smooth, clear, delicious brew based on custom-specified parameters that control everything from water temperature and volume to agitation time.

Setting a house brewing style on the machine is meant to assure consistency in each cup of coffee served, although of course the results vary depending on the type of bean used. French press and Aeropress styles can also be specified when you order, along with the type of bean.

Although the overall space is large, seating options are quite limited, so many customers get their coffee to go. Note that the menu is limited to straight specialty coffee - no espresso beverages here, or milk and sugar - this is coffee for purists. They also sell fresh-roasted beans by the bag, starting at Y600 for 100 grams.

by Mary Sedarous

Shibuya-ku, Tomigaya 2-22-12.

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