Wahoo's Tacos
Aomi: Tex-Mex
Wahoo's Tacos (Aomi: Tex-Mex)
Wahoo's Tacos
Open 11am-9:30pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

This Orange County-based Cali-Mex eatery specializes in fish tacos, but they also serve a range of burritos, salads and bowls. The "wet burrito" (Y890-1050) is a pleasingly hefty regular burrito, stuffed with a very simple filling of mostly meat and shredded lettuce and topped with melted cheese and spicy red and green sauces. The green sauce - a cilantro-mayonnaise infusion - is especially recommended.

For those who prefer lower carbs, Wahoo's salads come with cheese, guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, and your choice of "protein" - fish, chicken, pork, beef or shrimp. Rice bowl options include taco rice as well as the usual chicken, beef and fish.

The restaurant is located next to the HLNA skate park, which supplies many of their customers. Take the elevators at the very south end of the DiverCity mall and follow the signs to the skate park, then go past the skate park entry desk to get to the restaurant.

Koto-ku, Aomi 1-1-10, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 7F.
東京都江東区青海1-1-10 ダイバーシティ東京 プラザ7F

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Venue listing from Bento.com5 Star Rating: highly recommended