Budo-no-oka Center
Yamanashi-ken: Attraction
Budo-no-oka Center (Yamanashi-ken: Attraction)
Budo-no-oka Center
Open 9am-5:30pm (LO 5pm).

While few connoisseurs would rate Japan one of the world's great wine-producing countries, there is a thriving domestic wine industry, with several dozen major vineyards nestled in the mountains of Yamanashi Prefecture, just north of Mount Fuji. And a good place to try out the local product, and maybe discover a few favorites, is the wine-tasting cave at Budo-no-oka Center, right in the heart of Japanese wine country.

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Koshu, Yamanashi-ken, Katsunumacho Hishiyama 5093.
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