Fuefukigawa Fruit Park
Yamanashi-ken: Attraction
Fuefukigawa Fruit Park (Yamanashi-ken: Attraction)
Fuefukigawa Fruit Park

Perched on a high plateau above the surrounding hills, this fruit-themed complex is housed in several large geodesic domes as well as a few outdoor arbor areas. The main attraction here is the fascinating Fruit Museum, where you can explore the history of fruit through the centuries, with particular emphasis on the role of fruit in the history of Yamanashi Prefecture.

Next to the Fruit Museum is the Fruit Theater. We were expecting to see an elaborate musical production featuring giant dancing grapes and peaches, but unfortunately there was just a small movie theater showing an educational film about agriculture in Yamanashi.

Above the theater is a large and steamy tropical greenhouse, and next door is the Fruit Plaza, where special events are staged. There's also a library, a large gift shop, and a "fruit restaurant," although the restaurant offered only a few fruit-flavored entrees when we visited.

Yamanashi, Yamanashi-ken, Ezohara 1488.
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