Banh Mi Sandwich
Takadanobaba: Vietnamese
Banh Mi Sandwich (Takadanobaba: Vietnamese)
Banh Mi Sandwich
Open 11am-8pm (Sat -6pm). Closed Sundays, Mondays.
no smoking: No smoking

This simply named shop sells freshly made Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches in several enticing varieties, including roast pork (our current favorite), grilled chicken with honey and lemongrass, ham and liver paste, shrimp avocado, and vegetable-cheese, all served on fresh-baked bread with crunchy, not-too-sour pickled vegetables.

Sandwiches are Y500, and you can spring for extra coriander, liver paste, etc. for a little more. They also sell fresh-baked rolls in various flavors for Y130. There's a tiny open-air seating area out front, but most customers are here for take-out.

Shinjuku-ku, Takadanobaba 4-9-18.
東京都新宿区高田馬場4-9-18 畔上セブンビル101
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Venue listing from Bento.com4 Star Rating: recommended