Craft Beer Base Mother Tree
Umeda: Beer bar
Craft Beer Base Mother Tree
Open 3-10pm (Sat, Sun from noon). Closed Tuesdays.
Sun: Open Sundays

Originally known as Kansai's best retail shop for imported beers, Craft Beer Base have expanded their operations to include a restaurant, bar, on-premises brewery and bottle shop. These are all located in their three-story headquarters behind the Umeda Sky Building, which opened in September 2021 and replaced several smaller shops run by the company.

The restaurant serves beer-friendly fare like fried chicken, minced-lamb fritters, Hiroshima-style oysters au gratin and roast duck. There are fifteen taps for beer (starting at around Y700 per glass), and some 500 choices in cans and bottles. Budget around Y4,000 for dinner with drinks. (The company also currently runs a bar and retail shop in central Umeda.)

Oyodonaka 1-13-13.
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