Umeda: Shabu-shabu
Open 11am-11pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

This casual shabu-shabu restaurant, located at the far end of the old-fashioned Kappa Alley restaurant complex under the Hankyu line tracks, offers decent-quality beef and pork at affordable prices in a charmingly retro setting. It occupies the often-neglected middle ground between bustling all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu joints and the more upscale shops that focus on expensive, top-tier grades of meat, and it seems to be popular with families as well as after-work diners.

A mixed platter with ample portions of beef, pork and vegetables is priced at Y1780, and includes udon noodles at the end. The meat is good quality and is freshly sliced as you watch, and the sesame dipping sauce has a nice dose of garlic to liven it up. The udon noodles, which soak up the flavors of the shabu-shabu pot at the end of the meal, are also a cut above average.

If you like sake, there are four different craft sake to choose from here as well as the usual beer and cocktails. All seating is at the wrap-around counter. The restaurant is open all afternoon, with lunch specials served until 4pm.

Shibata 1-7-2, Kappa Yokocho 1F.
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