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Mobile services for Android and iPhone smartphones, and DoCoMo i-mode, au EZweb and SoftBank

Looking for last-minute dining ideas? Searching for a phone number? Need a map? Bento.com listings for Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe are available on your mobile phone in Japan.

You'll find hundreds of restaurant, bar, club and cafe listings, along with food news and other features.

If your phone is equipped with GPS, you can also find the nearest restaurants to wherever you're standing. And handy maps and direction services will help you find your way.


Android/ iPhone

Standard DoCoMo/
au/Softbank phones

If you have a bar code reader enabled on your phone, the QR codes to the left will let you quickly access and bookmark the bento.com mobile site optimized for your phone. (Set your phone camera to macro mode if necessary.)

There are also QR codes from each review on the website, pointing to the corresponding review pages and maps on our mobile site.

You can also access us by URL at bento.com/m/ (Android/ iPhone) or bento.com/i/ (simple DoCoMo/ au/ SoftBank phones).


Mobile-optimized maps from Google Maps are provided for all our restaurant, bar and cafe listings.

Users of Android phones can also access the Google Maps application directly from each listing, with GPS navigation provided by that app. iPhone users can access the Google Maps website from each listing.

DoCoMo i-mode and au EzWeb subscribers can also access maps specifically provided by those carriers - these are often tied to navigation functions on GPS-enabled phones.

GPS mobile restaurant locator

When you're out on the town, our GPS-based locator can help you find restaurants, cafes and bars that are nearest to your current location.

Our coverage area includes Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

Android phones, iPhones, and most GPS-enabled mobile phones from DoCoMo, AU and SoftBank can access this service.

This service is currently in beta release. For GPS-enabled phones, point your mobile browser towards http://bento.com/z/ or use the QR code below.

GPS search page

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