Yotsuya: Curry
Yellow (Yotsuya: Curry)
Open 9am-9pm (Sat, Sun -8pm) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Indo-style Japanese curry at its best is much more than just a pale adaptation of native Indian cuisine, and ambitious shops like Yellow show that there's ample room for creativity and evolution within this hybrid genre. At Yellow it starts with the ingredients - premium-grade heirloom-breed birds for their butter chicken, and local seasonal vegetables like bamboo shoot and lotus root. Curries incorporate a complex mix of spices, and flavors are mild enough not to overwhelm the palate.

There's a rotating seasonal selection of three meat/seafood-based curries and three vegetable-centered dishes, and you can choose one, two or three of them for your meal, served along with yellow rice and very nice pickles. Fried chicken (made with Mitsuse-dori chicken from Kyushu) is a filling side dish, and desserts include berry-spice panna cotta and matcha pound cake.

The presentation is attractive, influenced by the best of Japanese cafe culture. There's even a dollop of potato salad served with the rice, as you might find in a cafe. Also influenced by Tokyo cafe culture is the actual coffee served here - Yellow has teamed up with Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters to offer gourmet coffee to accompany your meal.

Drinks include Daidai Ale from popular craft-beer brewery Hitachino, double-mint mojito cocktails, double-mint sodas and iced chai. Curry platters start at under Y1,000, and take-out is available. You can also get coffee to go, from Y320.

Shinjuku-ku, Yotsuya 1-6, Comore Yotsuya 1F.
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