Eight's Burger
Shimo-Kitazawa: Burgers
Eight's Burger (Shimo-Kitazawa: Burgers)
Eight's Burger
Open 11:30am-midnight daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

This popular neighborhood burger joint offers a number of spicy burger options, livened up with chili beans, jalapenos and home-made salsa. The chili bacon cheeseburger is fairly typical, bringing together a combination of distinctive flavors that work well together, with raw onions adding some bite and the chili providing a spicy kicker. The patty is firm and more well-done than average, and the accompanying fries are crisp and well salted.

Burgers come in single and double sizes, with the double patties weighing in at a hefty 270g. There's also a selection of interesting side dishes such as marinated anchovy-marinated broccoli, vanilla-oil marinated raw ham and pumpkin, and chili-cheese stew.

The eclectic soft-drinks menu includes caramel popcorn latte, strawberry milk, cherry coke and guava juice. Japanese craft beers such as Minoh, Baird, and Far Yeast are served by the bottle.

The background music tends towards blues, and the dining space is pleasantly rustic, with some outdoor terrace seating and four counter seats in back, facing the kitchen. Their specialty "Eight" burgers are priced in the Y980-1480 range (for a single patty), while side dishes are Y380-580 and bottled beers are Y800.

Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 2-24-9.
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