Tiki Tiki
Shinjuku: Misc. Southeast Asian
Tiki Tiki (Shinjuku: Misc. Southeast Asian)
Tiki Tiki
Open 5-11pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
decor: Notable decor

Check Modernist austerity at the door and step into a Hollywood fantasy of Hawaii circa 1961, when the film Blue Hawaii propelled Elvis Presley to new heights of stardom.

At Tokyo's original Tiki lounge, wooden masks glower, faux torches blaze, and hula dancers shake it, shake it, baby. The kitsch is ubiquitous, self-aware, and executed with formidable slickness. If you're in the right mood, the bar at Tiki Tiki is a fun and convenient spot to meet for a drink with friends.

As one might imagine, tropical drinks adorned with slices of fresh fruit and colorful paper umbrellas are the specialty of the house. They serve over thirty varieties, from standards like Pina Coladas (Y1100) and Mai-tais (Y920), to original cocktails such as the hibiscus-scented Tahitian Loco Punch (Y880) and the Tiki Tiki (Y900), which comes in an appropriately amusing Tiki glass.

One of the biggest draws, however, is the excellent selection of beers from Hawaii's Kona Brewery. Five kinds are available by the bottle (Y920 - ).

Snacks start at Y400 and are not half bad. Choose from a selection of nine Polynesian-inspired appetizers like Lomi-lomi salmon (cubes of smoked salmon tossed with onions and vegetables in a light dressing), green papaya with cured ham, and tartlets stuffed with spam and cheese to create your own pu-pu platter (Y1400 for a four-dish assortment). The menu also features main dishes - a variety of leaf-wrapped steamed and grilled dishes called Laulau, coconut grilled seafood, and pineapple fried rice.

Live hula dances are performed three times a day, from Monday to Friday, in the large main dining space. Now, where's that lei?

by Melinda Joe
Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-4-8, Frente Shinjuku 3-chome 4F.
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