Sammy's Ebisu Plaza, Osaka
Update: Sammy's Ebisu Plaza closed for business in 2009.

This popular attraction in Osaka's Dotombori nightlife district is one of the more interesting food theme parks in Japan. You enter via an elevator on the ground floor of a busy game center, and when you emerge you find yourself in the Taisho-era Japan of the 1920s, with recreated alleyways, houses, shops and a big "town square" area set up for musical performances and other entertainment.

The whole operation is huge, sprawling across three levels. Scattered amid the mock storefronts are real-life food stalls and sit-down counter restaurants, specializing in inexpensive popular foods like okonomiyaki (seafood pancakes), yakitori (grilled chicken) and takoyaki (octopus balls). You'll also find dumpling and ramen shops and even a small sushi counter - some 50 food vendors in all. It's a great place to try out different kinds of traditional Japanese "junk food" all in one spot.

Sammy's Ebisu Plaza

Dotonbori 1-8-22, Osaka

Open 11am-10pm daily


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