Ebisu east side

North of Komazawa-dori

Zubar (Club). 5774-4708
This underground two-story DJ bar hosts several DJ events per week, mostly with no cover charge. Drinks start at Y500. [Show more]
latemapShibuya-ku, Higashi 2-24-1. Open 6pm-5am. Closed Sundays.
Liquidroom (Club). 5464-0800
Mostly a concert venue, Liquid Room also hosts some club events. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Higashi 3-16-6.
Time Out Cafe (Cafe). 5774-0440
Salads, ethnic-style dishes and other light fare are served along with coffee and cocktails. Located in the Liquid Room concert space, the cafe also hosts small musical events of its own. Free wi-fi access.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Higashi 3-16-6, Liquid Room 2F. Open 11:30am-11:30pm daily.
Tooth Tooth (Italian). 6419-2040
Casual French- and Italian-inspired fare from the popular Osaka-based Tooth Tooth chain. Open weekend nights until 4am. Budget around Y1200 at lunchtime, Y5000 for dinner with drinks. (Open to 10pm Sundays.)
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Higashi 3-17-12. Open 11:30am-3, 6pm-1am (Fri, Sat -3am) daily.
I Sette Mari (Italian). 3499-0987
Simple, expertly prepared "seasonal dishes and Italian wines" in a casual setting. Lunch is Y700 and Y1450; full-course dinners from Y3800. Pizzas start at Y1400.
mapShibuya-ku, Higashi 3-17-14, 2F. Open 11:30am-2:30, 6-10pm (LO). Closed Sundays.
Coci (Italian). 3442-5151
This stylish two-story cafe-bar looks like a ski chalet that's been sliced along the diagonal, with big windows looking out over the picturesque (at least at night) Shibuya River. Stop in for a late-night drink - there's plenty of reasonably priced wine by the glass or bottle - or a full meal. [Show more]
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Higashi 3-16-10. Open 11:30am-3, 6pm-2am (4am Fri, 11pm Sun) daily.
Gotham Grill (Steak house). 5447-0536
Charcoal-grilled steaks from dry-aged beef range from Y3150 (7 oz. fillet) to Y12,600 (32 oz. porterhouse); they also offer a half-pound classic burger.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Higashi 3-16-10, J-Park Ebisu 3 Altima 1F. Open 11:30am-3, 6-10:30pm (LO). Closed Tuesdays.
Yogi (Wine bar). 5422-6230
Call it a wine izakaya if you like - you can choose from more than a dozen wines by the glass from France, Italy and Japan, along with an eclectic mix of original small dishes from those same countries. Many of the ingredients are imported fresh from Tohoku-area farms - we recently enjoyed two different cuts of well-grilled guinea fowl and flavorful late-summer green and yellow zucchini served with a dollop of miso. Daily specials can include such diverse dishes as mussels with Brussels sprouts; bamboo shoots with pig's feet; and pate de campagne. [Show more]
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Higashi 3-16-10, Miura Bldg 101. Open 3pm-4am (LO; -midnight Sundays) daily.

Hiroo 1-chome, Meiji-dori

!Afuri (Ramen). 5795-0750
This popular shop is known for their light, "cafe-style" shoyu ramen livened up with a bit of yuzu, and their excellent chashu. The late-night hours are convenient if you've been out on the town.
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-1-7. Open 11am-4am daily.
Cono (Wine bar). 3447-8929
Wood-fired thin-crust pizzas for Y500 and wines by the bottle from Y1900 at at this sister shop of Shibuya's Cona.
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-6-1. Open 11:30am-2am (LO) daily.
Ouca (Cafe). 5449-0037
Exotic ice creams and ices with a focus on traditional Japanese flavors like matcha, satsumaimo, kinako and seasonal delights. Enjoy a nice warm cup of tea after your ice cream.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-6-6. Open 11am-11pm daily.
!Sarutahiko (Coffee shop). 5422-6970
Well-made coffee in a cozy, but very popular cafe space - during especially busy times the crowd spills out onto the sidewalk. Cafe latte runs Y380, and there are several varieties of beans to take home. Open from 10am weekends.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-6-6, Saito Bldg 1F. Open 8am-12:30am daily.
Nyafe Melange (Cat cafe). 5449-4024
A mid-sized cafe located very close to Ebisu station, Melange has a living-room-themed decor, with bookcases, sofas, and numerous custom-made shelves and tiny stools for the 22 resident cats to perch on. Coffee and tea are served, and WiFi is free. Entry is a very reasonable Y600 for the first thirty minutes (Y700 on weekends). [Show more]
no smokingSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-7-13. Open noon-8pm (Fri, Sat -9pm) daily.
Melange (Cat cafe). 5449-4024
Whoever was responsible for the interior design for Melange has clearly discovered the secret to a successful cat cafe - providing lots and lots of different places to sit, perch, and nap. At first glance it looks like an ordinary living room, with bookcases, sofas and coffee tables, but there are also dozens of custom-made shelves and tiny stools upon which the 22 resident cats can comfortably sit and preside over cafe business. [Show more]
no smokingSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-7-13, 3F. Open noon-8pm (Fri, Sat -9pm) daily.
Tsukumo (Ramen). 5466-9566
A creamy, richly flavored cheese-tonkotsu ramen is the specialty at this popular shop.
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Hiroo 1-1-36. Open 11am-5am daily.
Dexee Diner (Cafe). 5464-3721
A second branch of the popular cafe, with late-night hours, good food, and good prices. (Formerly called Lenox Saloon.)
latedecorSunmapShibuya-ku, Hiroo 1-1-39, Ebisu Prime Square Tower. Open 11am-2am daily.
!Torimikura (Yakitori). 5791-5819
Excellent chicken and game bird dishes and seasonal grilled vegetables. Twenty kinds of sake and 100 varieties of shochu. Budget around Y5000-6000 per person.
mapShibuya-ku, Hiroo 1-15-6, Hiroo Bldg B1F. Open 11:30am-2, 6-11pm (LO; 3am Fri, Sat). Closed Sundays.
Matsugen (Japanese). 3444-8666
Stylish Japanese food and sake. Dinner from Y6000 plus drinks. They are also known for their excellent handmade soba noodles.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Hiroo 1-3-1, Hagiwara Bldg. 1F. (on the left side of Meiji-dori going towards Hiroo) Open 11:30am-3, 5pm-midnight daily.
Ippudo (Ramen). 5420-2225
The first Tokyo branch of a renowned Hakata ramen shop (they also have a branch at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum), they serve thin, slightly chewy noodles in a pork-based broth ("red" or "white"), with or without extra chashu. You can add your own freshly grated garlic -- you'll find bowls of whole garlic cloves on the counter along with graters.
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Hiroo 1-3-13. (along Meiji-dori towards Hiroo, just past the post office) Open 11-4am daily.
!Ta-im (Israeli). 5424-2990
Great Middle-Eastern fare - falafel, hummus, Israeli-style salads - and various Israeli wines by the bottle, all at reasonable prices. The Y1300 Ta-im lunch plate offers a good sampling of the menu, with portions of Israeli salad, falafel, hummus, babaganoush and other vegetable spreads, along with lentils and rice, toasted pita bread, pumpkin soup, dessert and a drink. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-29-16. Open 11am-3:30, 5:30-11pm. Closed Wednesdays.
!Manoir (French). 3446-8288
The decor here captures the feeling of the French countryside, with mirrors everywhere, wood panels, and ducks and a deer head mounted on the walls. The restaurant is connected with Hazel Grouse Manor in eastern Hokkaido, which supplies them with fresh vegetables, seafood and wild game. [Show more]
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Hiroo 1-10-6. Open 5pm-2am. Closed Mondays.

Ebisu 1-chome, Bus-dori

Kappo R (Japanese). 5447-2588
Casual Kyoto-style cooking; full-course dinners from Y5200 plus drinks.
decormapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-13-3. Open 5pm-midnight (LO). Closed Sundays.
Il Boccalone (Italian). 3449-1430
The food is nicely prepared but a bit more expensive than expected. The large, comfortable dining room has been known to become rather raucous at times.
mapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-15-9. Open 5:30-11pm (LO). Closed Sundays.
Mai Thai (Thai). 3280-1155
Very authentic flavors and atmosphere - it's almost like being in Bangkok, and sometimes there's even a tuk-tuk parked outside.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-18-16. Open 5:30-10pm (LO) daily.
Ninnikuya (Garlic). 3446-5887
Interesting, garlicky food from around the world. No reservations accepted, so you have to take your chances.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-26-12. Open 6-11pm (LO) daily.
Hainan Jeefan Shokudo 2 (Singaporean). 3447-3615
Good Singaporean chicken rice and Malaysian-style curries. [Go to branch review]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-21-14, Costa de Verano 1F. (behind Zest) Open 11:30-1:30, 6-10pm (LO). Closed 3rd Monday.
Le Lion (Wine bar). 3445-8131
With its red leather upholstered seats and wood and brass fixtures, Le Lion offers a little slice of Lyon on the backstreets of Ebisu. Welcoming staff, covered terrace seating, and excellently prepared brasserie - or, rather, bouchon - fare make this cafe/wine bar a lovely place for a casual meal or late-afternoon tipple. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-21-16. Open noon-11:15pm (LO; -5:15pm Sun ). Open every day.
Massa (Italian). 5793-3175
Former Iron Chef Masahiko Kobe's tiny restaurant has just 10 tables, so reservations are essential. Full-course dinners are Y6000 and Y8000; lunch is Y2000.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-23-22. Open 11:30am-1:30, 6:30-9:30pm (LO). Closed Wednesdays, 1st Tue.
Wanoba (Japanese). 5424-0610
Disarmingly casual, comfortable yet stylish, Wanoba is the kind of place that will impress your friends with your knowledge of cool, hidden late-night hangouts. Food and drink are reasonably priced, and traditional and modern Japanese crafts are well represented in the beautiful tableware and the tasteful modern decor. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 3-1-1. Open 11:30am-1am daily.
Partenope (Italian). 5791-5663
Lots of Naples-style pizzas and grilled dishes, and even a few vegetarian items are on the menu.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-22-20. Open 11:30am-2:30, 6-11pm daily.
Ippo (Izakaya). 3445-8418
If it weren't for the illuminated sign advertising "Fish and Sake" in English, you might have trouble finding this second-story hideaway in Ebisu. The interior is modestly appointed with a few small tables around a long wooden counter. This understated approach to decor reflects the bar's no-frills philosophy. They specialize in two things: fresh fish and sake. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-22-10, Kamasuya 2F. Open 6pm-1am (LO) daily.
El Rincon de Sam (Mexican). 3442-1636
Live music (often from the talented owner, "Sam") and relatively inexpensive food.
mapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-6-1, B1F. Open 6-10:45pm (LO). Closed Sundays.
Footnik (Beer bar). 5795-0144
Not just for football fans, this British pub serves a half dozen craft beers on tap, from breweries like Avery, Green Flash and Evil Twin, along with the usual Kilkenny and Yebisu. A 2/3 pint glass will set you back around Y1000. Football matches and other sporting events are shown on the big screen TV.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-11-2. Open 3pm-1am daily.
Choya (Chinese). 5422-9477
Xian-style Chinese; budget around Y4500 at dinnertime, Y800 for lunch.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-7-2. Open 11:30am-2:30, 5pm-midnight daily.
Burger Mania (Burgers). 6277-4221
This branch of the popular burger chain offers a well-chosen selection of craft beers to go with your burgers, from breweries like Green Flash, Ballast Point and Far Yeast. The six taps include one IPA, one white beer, one stout, and so on, and are priced at Y880 (370ml) and Y1100 (473ml). [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-9-5. Open 11am-midnight daily.
Igarashi (Japanese). 3447-9893
Seasonal Japanese cuisine plus a special menu of limited-edition sake and wines. Full-course menus are Y6000-8000, or you can order a la carte.
mapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-9-15. Open 11:30am-1:30, 6-10pm. Closed Sundays.

Ebisu 3-chome

Delizioso Italia (Italian). 3440-5510
One of the better Italian joints in the neighborhood, although there's lots of competition.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-27-17. Open noon-1:30, 5:30-11pm (LO) daily.
Ricos Kitchen (International). 5791-4649
Solid, self-assured new American cuisine and an inspired selection of more than 120 California wines in a lively urban setting. The culinary influences are more European than Asian, and memorable past dishes have included rack of lamb with dried fig sauce, enticing okra-shrimp spring rolls, and huge, succulent scallop appetizers. Prix-fixe dinners start at Y5250, and there's also an a la carte menu, with all mains priced at Y1680, provided that you sit at the counter. [Show more]
decorSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-23-7, 2F. Open 11:30am-2, 5:30-10pm (LO). Closed Mondays.
L'Espace (French). 5420-0719
Dainty, overpriced French food in a pleasantly post-modern setting; not worth a special trip, but nice enough if you're in the neighborhood. Lunch Y1,800, dinner from Y3,800.
mapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 3-9-25, La Maison Franco-Japonaise. Open 11:30am-1:30, 6-9:30pm. Closed Sundays.
Rue Favart (Cafe). 5421-0688
A very French-style multi-story cafe with a relaxed atmosphere; they serve light food items and desserts as well as coffee and drinks.
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 3-28-12. Open 10am-2am daily.
Artichaut (French). 3446-9747
Sophisticated, modern French cuisine, including a good selection of game dishes, in a pleasant setting. The chef spent seven years working in France, including a stint at Pierre Gagnaire. Prix-fixe dinners are 5,650-9,240 (plus extras for certain dishes); lunches are Y2,300-5,000. The all-French wine list starts at around Y4500 per bottle.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 2-6-29. Open 11am-2, 6-9pm (LO). Closed Mondays.

Yebisu Garden Place

Asahi Sushi (Sushi). 5423-0355
Reliable, affordable sushi with a skyscraper view. Set menus start at around Y2700, and a deluxe nigiri selection for two with side dishes and a glass of wine is Y9450.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-20-3, Yebisu Garden Place 38F. Open 11:30am-3, 4:30-10pm (LO) daily.
Chibo (Okonomiyaki). 5424-1011
Perhaps the only place in Tokyo offering inexpensive okonomiyaki and steaks with a skyscraper view; yakisoba starts at Y780; sirloin steaks are Y1300.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-20-3, Yebisu Garden Place 38F. Open 11:30am-3, 5-10pm daily.
Hinone Mizunone (Izakaya). 5793-7600
A modern charcoal-grill specialty izakaya serving great free-range chicken plus homemade tofu and kamameshi rice dishes. And a great night-time view. Full-course dinners from Y2500-5000.
decorSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-20-3, Yebisu Garden Place 39F. Open 11am-2:30, 5-11pm daily.
Wine Market Party (Liquor shop). 5424-2580
Mostly French wines, with some rare bottles you won't find elsewhere in town. Be prepared to pay, though. There are several different caves, with prices going up the farther in you go. In front they also sell cheeses, imported foods and party supplies and wine accessories.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-20-7, Yebisu Garden Place B1F. Open 11am-7pm. Closed some Mondays.
Joel Robuchon (French). 5424-1347
Deluxe-level cooking and service in an elaborate castle-like setting. At dinnertime there's a rather extravagant 18-course tasting menu for Y35,000 per person (plus 12% service charge). The wine list covers some 1200 different varieties.
no smokingSunmapMeguro-ku, Mita 1-13-1, Yebisu Garden Place. Open 11:30am-2:30, 6-10pm (LO) daily.
La Table de Joel Robuchon (French). 5424-1338
Located on the first floor of the Robuchon castle in Ebisu, this is a much more casual version of the main dining room upstairs, with inventive modern cuisine and a very reasonable wine list; prix-fixe lunch from Y2950 and dinner from Y7800. [Show more]
no smokingSunmapMeguro-ku, Mita 1-13-1, Yebisu Garden Place. Open 11:30am-2:30, 6-10pm (LO) daily.
Terrace (Westin Hotel) (International). 5423-7778
The Westin's lobby restaurant is known for their lavish lunch and weekend brunch buffets, with frequent special events featuring food from various regions of the world. They also offer an appetizer and dessert buffet in the evenings, and a breakfast spread (Y3600) from 6:30-10:30am.
SunmapMeguro-ku, Mita 1-4-1, Westin Hotel 1F. Open 6:30am-11:30pm daily.
Yebisu (Westin Hotel) (Teppanyaki). 5423-7790
One of the most highly rated teppanyaki restaurants in town, Yebisu also boasts a nice 22nd-floor view and convenient English menus. Full-course dinners with premium domestic beef, seasonal seafood and vegetables run Y15,000-25,000 and lunch is Y4,000-10,000. The menu often includes seafood-only dinners as well as beef-centered ones.
no smokingSunmapMeguro-ku, Mita 1-4-1, Westin Hotel 22F. Open 11:30am-3, 5:30-10pm daily.

Station area

Dedesuke (Izakaya). 3444-5511
This sprawling, spacious izakaya focuses on meats - premium-quality charcoal-grilled beef, pork and chicken to be precise - although they also offer a nice selection of creative seasonal and vegetable-centered small dishes. There's a full selection of yakitori and other skewered items, meat-based nabe stews, and tempting beef offerings - teppanyaki steaks, A5-grade roast beef, and various cuts like kalbi grilled on a charcoal-burning hibachi. [Show more]
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-8-14, Daikoku Bldg 2F. Open 5pm-4am (LO) daily.
Hakata Mangetsu (Yakitori). 6408-9460
A lively basement izakaya, Hakata Mangetsu has a charming style all its own: mismatched sofas and chairs that look like they've put in years of service; an infectiously bouncy eighties-pop soundtrack; and laid-back but friendly service. Plus prices that are hard to believe in such a prime location - yakitori from Y46 per skewer, Suntory Malt's beer at Y208 a glass, and two-hour open-bar plans for just Y780 between midnight and 5am. [Show more]
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-8-14, Daikoku Bldg B1F. Open 5pm-5am daily.
Night Owl (Liquor shop). 6277-3743
This tiny shop serves as a standing bar, specialty liquor shop and gourmet grocer, with a bit of art gallery thrown in for good measure. Five taps serve craft beer from Japan and abroad (Y500 for a smallish pour), or you can bring in your own growler to fill up and bring home. Located just a minute from Ebisu Station, the shop is on the ground floor of a small residential building. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-8-3. Open 1-9pm daily.
Ebiton (Yakiton). 3280-0017
Also known as Tetsugen Tonki Ebiton, this shop serves outstanding pork dishes - charcoal-grilled pork on skewers, pork steaks, pork horumon-ni (stewed organ meats) and grilled pigs' trotters - along with a selection of well-prepared izakaya-style small dishes. Two-hour party plans are Y3500 for several food dishes and all you can drink, or you can order a la carte.
mapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-1-18. Open 11:30am-3, 5pm-1am. Closed Sundays.
Suragan (Korean). 5447-6588
The specialty of the house here is bulgogi, a traditional Korean marinated and grilled meat dish, but the stylish decor and all-black color scheme might make you think you'd wandered into a trendy California-style restaurant by mistake. Drinks include California and French wines and ten kinds of Korean fruit shochu. [See FULL REVIEW.]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-3-1, Quiz Ebisu Bldg B1-A. Open 5pm-midnight (LO) daily.
Kamachi (Soba). 5795-2738
Gourmet noodles and izakaya fare, with shochu and wine to drink.
mapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-4-14, Ina Bldg 2F. Open 6pm-1am (LO). Closed Sundays.
Monsoon Cafe (World cuisine). 5789-3811
no smokinglateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-4-6. Open 11:30-3am (LO) daily.
Kushinobo (Kushiage). 5475-8415
Deep-fried individual skewers of seafood and vegetables.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-5-5, Atre Ebisu 6F. (above Ebisu station) Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Lobros (Cafe). 5449-1311
A pleasant shopping-mall cafe serving simple fare like pastas, pizzas and sandwiches. Lunch is served until 2pm, but you can order from a limited food menu all afternoon.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-5-5, Atre Ebisu 6F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Mango Tree Cafe (Thai). 5475-8349
Accessible Thai cuisine at reasonable prices from the Bangkok-based Coca chain. The shop is open all afternoon, so you can drop by for a Thai snack even during teatime (between lunch and dinner).
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-5-5, Atre Ebisu 6F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Seijo Ishii (Retail). 3448-1070
Imported foods from around the world, including cheeses, spices, and canned and packaged goods. There's also a big stock of mostly European wines. Prices vary from great bargains to inexplicably expensive, so shop carefully.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-5-5, Atre Ebisu 3F. (next to the upstairs exit from Ebisu station) Open 8am-11pm daily.

Ebisu west side

North of Komazawa-dori

!Blacows (Burgers). 3477-2914
Run by a Japanese meat company, Blacows specializes in gourmet burgers made from black Angus wagyu beef, coarsely ground and very juicy. A full-time butcher occupies one corner of the kitchen and prepares all the meat for the patties. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 2-11-9. Open 11am-11pm daily.
!Bonsai-ya (Bar). 3464-7377
Enjoy the mini-forest of bonsai trees while you relax with a cocktail or a New Zealand wine in this tiny, charmingly quirky early-evening bar.
mapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 2-8-9, Daikanyama Takara Bldg III, 4F. Open 8pm-midnight. Closed Sundays.
Enjoy! House (Bar). 5489-1591
Still going strong after two decades, this very laid-back DJ bar has a comfortable atmosphere and a very eclectic musical soundtrack, depending on the night and the DJs in charge. Drinks are reasonably priced and the food is pretty good - we're especially fond of the fried chicken. No cover or table charge, just pay as you go.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 2-9-9, 2F. Open 1pm-2am (-4am Fri/Sat). Closed Mondays.
Bar Guapos (Wine bar). 5728-4741
It's easy to appreciate the beauty of Bar Guapos, where Y1500 is enough for a glass of tinto or blanco and one or two tasty tapas. There are about fifteen Spanish wines on the drink list, plus a number of Sherries. [Show more]
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-3-8. Open 5pm-3:30am (LO; 5-11:30pm Sun, Mon). Open every day.
What the Dickens (British pub). 3780-2099
A bit of Roppongi nightlife dropped into Ebisu - live bands, English beers (mostly bottled), and inexpensive, filling pub dishes like shepherd's pie.
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-13-3. Open 5pm-2am (LO 1-ish). Closed Mondays.
!Bakuro (Kyushu). 5459-8348
If you're not well acquainted with the subtleties of horsemeat cuisine, Bakuro can be a revelation. The food here is fantastic, showcasing a surprisingly wide range of flavors and styles. The atmosphere is lively and fun, the drinks list is well put together, and prices are very reasonable for this level of quality. [Show more]
mapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-7-12. Open 5-11:30pm. Closed Sundays.
Toriyoshi (Yakitori). 6415-0785
A popular yakitori chain known especially for their signature spicy chicken wings, Toriyoshi stay ahead of the curve by offering an appealing selection of seasonal items and original dishes, such as maitake tempura and seafood salad wrapped in spicy kimchee. Budget around Y3000 for food and drink at dinnertime.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-7-3, Zain Ebisu 5F. Open 4pm-midnight daily.
Pile Cafe (Cafe). 3770-2615
A mere two minutes from Ebisu station, this comfy hide-away will make you feel right at home. Retro velour-covered sofas and a row of giant airplane windows overlooking the street below add a splash of nostalgia. Open til 4am on weekends.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-8-2-207. Open 11:30am-midnight (4am Fri, Sat) daily.
Teranga (African). 3461-7475
This African bar-restaurant serves Senegalese dishes like mufe peanut stew and thiebou yapp (marinated beef with onions, olives and garlic), plus original fare like egg pizza and bar snacks.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-8-10, Takahashi Bldg 3F. Open 5pm-12:30am. Closed Tuesdays.
Tandoor (Indian). 3461-6181
This big, popular restaurant serves good curries and tandoori items at reasonable prices, and shows Bollywood movies on multiple screens. They're open for lunch till 5pm (4pm weekends), starting at Y980.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-9-3. Open 11:30am-11pm daily.
Sakaeya (Izakaya). 5728-3322
Excellent charcoal-grilled meats and creative seasonal dishes are the specialties at Sakeya; budget around Y4000 at dinnertime for food and drink. [Go to branch review]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-9-12. Open 5pm-1:30am (LO: Sun - 10:30pm) daily.
Buri (Bar). 3496-7744
This stand-up bar specializes in one-cup sake from around the country; the selection perhaps isn't as exciting as a regular sake bar, but the atmosphere is convivial and the shop makes a good first stop on an Ebisu tour.
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-14-1. Open 5pm-3am daily.
!Kamachiya (Izakaya). 5457-7887
The WID restaurant group (Aburi Fudo, Torimikura) does an excellent job creating small-scale, comfortable izakaya with great food, nice sake lists, and simple but stylish decor. We're glad to say that Kamachiya is no exception. Menus vary from shop to shop, and here the food specialties are charcoal-grilled kushiyaki-style fish and meats, deep-fried and skewered kushiage, and a credible seafood-broth ramen. [Show more]
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-14-9. Open 11:30am-4, 6pm-2am daily.
!!Le Parc (Dim sum). 3780-5050
With its Francophile name and decor, this Ebisu hideaway has all the trappings of a French bistro, but it's one of the best places for dim sum in the city. Incongruous though this must seem, once you step through the heavy wooden door, there will be no mistaking the delicious aroma of authentic Hong-Kong style Chinese cuisine. [See FULL REVIEW.]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Nishi 1-19-6. Open 11:30am-2:30, 5:20-10pm (LO) daily.

South of Komazawa-dori

Amapola (Mediterranean). 3793-7721
A pleasant "Mediterranean Rim" restaurant with a very casual cafe area up front (including outdoor seating) and a more formal dining room in back. The food is serviceable but not spectacular, and includes Spanish, French and Italian main dishes and starters, pizzas, paellas and pastas. There's also an extensive (and not very expensive) wine selection.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 3-1-24, City Square Ebisu 1F. (on Komazawa-dori) Open 11am-9pm (LO) daily.
Ebisu Kaigan (Izakaya). 3710-0778
If you're in the mood for fantastic fresh fish and seafood, Ebisu Kaigan is the next best thing to an early-morning trip to Tsukiji Fish Market. Occupying a renovated old Japanese house, this cozy little restaurant (whose name means "Ebisu Beach") exudes a relaxed and homespun atmosphere. You can take your dinner at the counter downstairs while you chat with the chefs, but the second-floor tatami-mat area is even more fun - it almost feels like you're visiting friends or relatives at their beach house as you enjoy the best of the day's catch. [See FULL REVIEW.]
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 3-4-1. Open 5pm-1am (LO; -11pm weekends). Open every day.
Matsuei (Sushi). 3711-4364
Refined sushi in a comfortable, relaxed setting. At lunchtime, nigiri-zushi set menus start at Y2650. The chirashi-don, generously laden with a variety of fish - baby octopus, shad, fatty tuna, turgid pearls of salmon roe - is a terrific value at just under Y1500. Prices shoot up at dinnertime, so expect to pay around Y15,000 per person in the evening. No lunch on Sundays.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-2-4. Open 11:30am-1:30, 5-10:30pm daily.
!Tetsugen (Izakaya). 5768-5537
The wide menu here covers a lot of ground, but particularly notable are the top-quality meat dishes featuring Hokkaido lamb, game birds and gourmet pork. The cozy dining room has mostly counter seating, with two small hori-kotatsu tables. Budget around Y4000.
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-2-8. Open 6pm-3am (LO; 10pm Sun) daily.
TBE Brewing (Beer bar). 6303-1195
A cozy neighborhood bar serving both domestic and imported craft beers. Open 1-11:30pm weekends and holidays.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 2-1-2, Shinhori Guitar Bldg 2F. Open 5-10pm (LO) daily.
Bakushuan (Beer bar). 3719-3949
If you like both craft beer and craft sake, and you find yourself in Ebisu, this branch of Otsuka's legendary Bakushuan beer bar is the place for you. Ten mainly Japanese craft beers are served on tap, and there's an impressive sake list along with delicate seasonal cuisine to accompany it.
no smokingSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 2-1-5, ES215 Bldg 7F. Open 4-11:30pm daily.
!Toki no Ma (Izakaya). 5722-8600
The impressive sake list includes a number of small-kura limited-edition seasonal sakes; there's also plenty of shochu. The food is also top-notch, with unusual specalties like satsuma-age (Kyushu-style fish cakes, here available in eight different variations). [See FULL REVIEW.]
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 2-3-14, Conze Ebisu 2F. Open 4:30pm-5am (to 10:30pm Sundays). Open every day.
!Shunju Yurari (Japanese). 5725-7970
Excellent contemporary Japanese cuisine in a splashy designer space. Budget around Y9000 at dinnertime.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-7-8, Ebisu South One Bldg B1F. Open 11:30am-2, 5:30-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Khumbila (Nepalese). 3719-6115
Nepalese and Tibetan curries, noodles and Tandoori-style dishes. The restaurant is tucked into a back alley a few blocks from Ebisu station, and is divided into several small, cozy rooms spread out over several levels. At lunchtime on weekdays there's an all-you-can eat buffet for Y1,000.
decorSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-9-11. Open 11:30am-2, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Nha Viet Nam (Vietnamese). 3716-8088
A cafe and noodle shop on the first floor, and a full-fledged restaurant upstairs (dinner only). They also sell Vietnamese coffee and tea.
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-9-3. Open 11am-11pm daily.
Tower Dining Ebisu (Pacific Rim). 3760-0131
Located on a quiet back street on the west side of Ebisu, this two-story bar-restaurant is run by Tower Records, specializing in casual California cuisine and California wines. The interior is dramatically lit and stylish, with poured-concrete and tiled walls and tasteful wooden tables. Music videos are shown on a big screen while unrelated music plays loudly in the background. [Show more]
SunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu Minami 1-17-17, TimeZone Terrace Bldg 1-2F. Open 11:30am-3, 6pm-midnight daily.
Chinese Cafe Eight (Chinese). 3713-2858
Good Peking Duck and side dishes at unbelievable prices. [Go to branch review]
lateSunmapShibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami 1-16-12, ABC Mamies Bldg 3F. Open 24 hours a day.
!Hiromichi (French). 5768-0722
Chef Hiromichi Kodama, formerly of Michelin-starred restaurant Chemins, prepares elegant modern classics - tender beef cheeks in red wine and perfectly cooked slices of foie gras drizzled with a port wine reduction, served with bite-sized morsels of braised pear. Weighty confit of beef heart is brightened by sweet tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and a flurry of shaved Parmesean cheese. [Show more]
SunmapMeguro-ku, Mita 1-12-24, MT3 Bldg 1F. Open 11:30am-1:30, 6-9:30pm (LO) daily.
Kiraz (Spanish). 3712-7277
It's an inspired idea - matching the distinctive flavors of Spanish tapas with bold, assertive styles of craft sake. The tapas dishes here are perhaps a bit more refined than average, ranging from hams and other charcuterie to Galician-style octopus and nicely pickled herring. The sake tends toward the fresh, lively flavors of unpasteurized and unfiltered brews, many of them from lesser-known small breweries. Budget around Y7000 for food and drink; prix-fixe menus are priced Y3500-8000.
SunmapMeguro-ku, Mita 2-9-5. Open 6:30-11pm. Closed Mondays.
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