Buffet restaurants
Harvest (Ikebukuro - Japanese). 5954-8152
Harvest provides a natural-foods buffet with more than sixty different mostly Japanese-style dishes, including lots of vegetables. The price is Y1888 at dinnertime and Y1573 at lunchtime.
SunmapNishi-Ikebukuro 1-11-1, Lumine Ikebukuro 9F. Open 11am-9:30pm (LO) daily.
!Mango Tree Cafe (Ikebukuro - Thai). 5954-8106
Accessible Thai cuisine buffet service from the Bangkok-based Coca chain. The lunch buffet is Y1600 and is served from 11am-3pm (last order at 2pm; 90-minute limit). At dinnertime the price is Y2100, with service from 5-10pm (120-minute limit). Between 3 and 5pm you can order a smaller Y800 lunch set or pancakes.
SunmapNishi-Ikebukuro 1-11-1, Lumine Ikebukuro Ikeresu 9F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Kushiya Monogatari (Ikebukuro - Kushiage). 5953-2460
This popular Osaka-based shop lets you cook your own kushiage skewers in a deep-fryer right at your table. It's all you can eat, including various side dishes and a big variety of skewered tidbits. Y2625 per person at dinnertime, with a 90-minute limit.
SunmapHigashi-Ikebukuro 1-5-7, Labi 1 Ikebukuro 7F. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Mo Mo Paradise (Takadanobaba - Shabu-shabu). 5292-2941
That's "mo mo" as in the sound a cow makes. The all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu and sukiyaki specials for Y1890 (90-minute limit) make this one of the best beef deals in town. There's also an all-you-can-eat-and-drink deal for around Y3500.
SunmapTakadanobaba 1-33-13, Sennen Bldg B1F. Open 5-10:30pm (Sat, Sun 11:30am-) daily.
Ruby (Takadanobaba - Burmese). 6907-3944
Ruby is a friendly place that attracts a lively crowd of drinkers and eaters. They have a complete Japanese-language menu, listing some Malaysian-style dishes like satay in addition to a full range of Burmese food. [Show more]
SunmapTakada 3-8-5. Open 11:30am-2:30, 5pm-midnight daily.
Papera (Shinjuku Gyoen-mae - Indian). 3350-0208
The lunchtime buffet offers four curries and a few side dishes, but the lunch sets might be a better deal if you know what you want. Lunch sets include one or two curries, salad, drinks and nan or rice, and are priced at Y690 or Y780. The wider dinnertime menu includes tandoori items, with live music most evenings.
SunmapShinjuku 2-8-1. Open 11am-4:30, 5-11pm (LO) daily.
Hina (Shinjuku - Sushi). 5367-3705
The Hina chain is known for their good-quality, all-you-can-eat sushi meals, starting at around Y4200 per person.
SunmapShinjuku 3-1-26, Shinjuku Marui Annex 8F. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Kushiya Monogatari (Nishi-Shinjuku - Kushiage). 5321-6166
Straight from Osaka, this popular national chain offers all-you-can-eat kushi-age - deep-fried grilled fish, meat and vegetables on skewers. Every table is furnished with its own deep-fryer, so you choose what you like from the refrigerated cabinets and then cook it up for yourself. Y2500 covers two hours of deep-fry fun; all-you-can-drink beer and cocktail deals are also available. Lunch is served on weekends.
SunmapNishi-Shinjuku 1-3-1, Sunflower Bldg 5F. Open 4-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Hina (Nishi-Shinjuku - Sushi). 5323-2380
The reliable Hina chain has claimed for themselves the niche of decent-quality all-you-can-eat sushi. Priced from Y3980 at dinnertime.
SunmapNishi-Shinjuku 6-5-1, Shinjuku Island Tower B1F. Open 11am-10pm daily.
Sizzler (Nishi-Shinjuku - American). 3342-5814
If you have a sudden craving for baby corn, sliced beets and Green Goddess dressing, Sizzler still runs one of Tokyo's best-stocked salad bars.
no smokingSunmapNishi-Shinjuku 2-1-1, Mitsui Bldg. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
New York Grill (Nishi-Shinjuku - International). 5323-3458
There's a popular Sunday brunch for Y6,900, but you can get the same lunch on weekdays for Y5,000 (minus the flute of champagne). Full-course dinners are Y11,000-21,000, but people come here just as much to see and be seen, and to enjoy the impressive view. The adjacent New York Bar has drinks and live music.
decorSunmapNishi-Shinjuku 3-7-1-2, Park Hyatt Tokyo 52F. Open 11:30am-2:30, 5:30-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Spice Heaven (Nishi-Shinjuku - Indian). 5325-6797
The Y1000 lunch buffet has only four curries, but they're above average in quality. Mondays are all vegetable curries at this branch of the Maharaja chain.
SunmapNishi-Shinjuku 3-7-1, Shinjuku Park Tower B1F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Mango Tree Cafe (Nishi-Shinjuku - Thai). 6380-2535
The dining room is pleasantly decorated and the food here is very well prepared - including some excellent grilled chicken - but the dinner menu is too small and limited to get excited about. Lunch is a better bet, with a Y1600 buffet. Dinner averages around Y2500 without drinks.
SunmapNishi-Shinjuku 1-1-5, Lumine 1 7F. Open 11am-2:30, 5-10pm (LO) daily.
Celeb de Tomato Omotesando (Omotesando - Italian). 6427-9922
This tomato-centric Italian restaurant/cafe offers full-course dinners from Y4000-7000. The buffet lunch (Y2500; Y3000 on weekends) includes a three-juice tasting flight, a choice of pasta, dessert, beverage, and a mid-sized buffet full of vegetable-based dishes like stuffed cabbage, carrot salad and stewed eggplant. More than twenty different tomato varieties are featured, and various tomato juices are sold by the bottle.
SunmapKita-Aoyama 3-15-5, Portofino B1F. Open 11:30am-2:30, 2:30-5, 5-9:30pm (LO) daily.
Crayon House (Omotesando - Japanese/health food). 3406-6409
The basement of Crayon House has an organic vegetable shop and two separate natural-food restaurants: "Hiroba", serving Japanese food, and "Home", with French cuisine. "Hiroba" offers an interesting buffet lunch for Y1,200.
no smokingSunmapKita-Aoyama 3-8-15. (walk down Omotesando towards Harajuku, turn left at the Hanae Mori Building and walk one block) Open 11am-9pm (LO) daily.
Barbacoa Grill (Omotesando - Brazilian). 3796-0571
Brazilian-style all-you-can-eat churrasco grilled beef and other meats, along with one of Tokyo's best salad bars. Dinner is Y4500, weekday lunch Y3000.
SunmapJingumae 4-3-2, Tokyu Reit Omotesando Square B1F. Open 11:30am-2, 5:30-10pm (LO) daily.
Kinka Hanten (Gaienmae - Dim sum). 3479-4967
A wide selection of freshly made dim sum is available all day long; there's also a big a la carte menu plus assorted dinners and all-you-can-eat specials. The room won't win any interior decorating awards, but the cooking is solid, the service pleasant and professional.
SunmapMinami-Aoyama 3-1-30, Sumitomo Seimei Bldg., B1F. Open 11am-10pm daily.
Tajimaya (Shibuya - Shabu-shabu). 3770-5629
Inexpensive all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu starts at Y1980 per person.
SunmapUdagawacho 12-9, Jewel Shibuya 6F. Open 11:30am-3:30, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Tucano's (Shibuya - Brazilian). 5784-2661
A huge, festive dining room serving all-you-can-eat grilled churrasco beef, pork and chicken, plus a salad buffet, for Y4000 (Y2900 at lunchtime).
SunmapDogenzaka 2-23-12, Shibuya Fhontis Bldg B1F. Open 11:30am-2, 5:30-11pm (LO) daily.
Terrace (Westin Hotel) (Ebisu - International). 5423-7778
The Westin's lobby restaurant is known for their lavish lunch and weekend brunch buffets, with frequent special events featuring food from various regions of the world. They also offer an appetizer and dessert buffet in the evenings, and a breakfast spread (Y3600) from 6:30-10:30am.
SunmapMeguro-ku, Mita 1-4-1, Westin Hotel 1F. Open 6:30am-11:30pm daily.
Khumbila (Ebisu - Nepalese). 3719-6115
Nepalese and Tibetan curries, noodles and Tandoori-style dishes. The restaurant is tucked into a back alley a few blocks from Ebisu station, and is divided into several small, cozy rooms spread out over several levels. At lunchtime on weekdays there's an all-you-can eat buffet for Y1,000.
decorSunmapEbisu-Minami 1-9-11. Open 11:30am-2, 5-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Aladdin (Nishi-Azabu - Middle Eastern). 3401-8851
Nicely done kebabs and other authentic Persian dishes, from the management of the former Ali Baba. They offer a Y1200 buffet at lunchtime, every day but Sunday.
SunmapNishi-Azabu 3-2-6. Open 11:30-2, 5:30-10:30pm daily.
Hina (Roppongi - Sushi). 3403-9112
Reliable sushi from a national chain known for their all-you-can-eat specials, starting at around Y5000.
SunmapRoppongi 6-1-20, B1F. (next to Aoyama Book Center) Open 11:30am-10:15pm (LO) daily.
Hong Kong Tea House (Roppongi Hills - Dim sum). 5413-9588
The dim sum here is fairly average, but there's a lot of it! Some 51 varieties, including 14 desserts, and all you can eat at lunchtime and all day weekends. The decor is modern and attractive, and non-smoking seats are provided. Y3200 at lunchtime, but tea is extra (from Y800); Y3800 for weekend dinners. There's also a regular menu, and late-night hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.
SunmapRoppongi 6-10-2, Roppongi Hills Hillside 2F. Open 11am-10:30pm (LO; -3am Thu-Sat) daily.
French Kitchen (Roppongi Hills - French). 4333-8781
This flagship restaurant of the Grand Hyatt bills itself as a French brasserie, with a very spacious setting and a dramatic open kitchen. Their all-day service includes breakfast and a popular brunch on weekends. The Y2200 weekday lunch buffet is also worth checking out. [Show more]
SunmapRoppongi 6-10-3, Grand Hyatt 2F. Open 6:30am-10pm (LO) daily.
!Chinaroom (Roppongi Hills - Chinese). 4333-8785
The Grand Hyatt's Chinese restaurant offers a dim sum buffet at lunchtime every day for Y4200. Budget around Y10,000 per person in the evening for food and drink. [See FULL REVIEW.]
decorSunmapRoppongi 6-10-3, Grand Hyatt 6F. Open 11:30am-2:30, 6-10pm daily.
!Stockholm (Akasaka - Swedish). 3509-1677
Pickled herring and much more - their awe-inspiring smorgasbord is a real adventure in dining, so come with a hearty appetite. They also have an impressive selection of eight distinctive aquavits. Lunch 3,150, dinner Y6,090; there's also an a la carte menu and weekend dinner specials. [See FULL REVIEW.]
mapNagatacho 2-14-3, Akasaka Tokyu Plaza 1F. Open 11:30am-2:30, 5-11pm (LO 9:30-10). Closed Sundays.
No no Budo (Marunouchi - Japanese). 3215-7320
This cafeteria-style "natural foods buffet" is a real bargain at Y2400 per person, which includes organic fruit juices and fresh-brewed espresso as well as a big selection of Japanese home-style dishes.
SunmapMarunouchi 2-7-3, Tokyo Bldg Tokia 3F. Open 11am-3, 5:30-9:30pm (LO) daily.
Mango Tree (Marunouchi - Thai). 5224-5489
This flagship of a Bangkok-based chain is one of the more upscale Thai restaurants in town, with a large lunchtime buffet (Y2800) and a prix-fixe evening menu (budget around Y8000). The buffet offers a few dozen different dishes and a wide variety of flavors, including a decent dessert selection. The view is also quite impressive.
decorSunmapMarunouchi 2-4-1, Marunouchi Bldg. 35F. Open 11am-3, 5-10pm (LO) daily.
Ventaglio (Mitsukoshimae - Italian). 3270-8188
Lunch and dinner buffets of modern Italian cuisine in a beautiful open-atrium dining space. The weekday lunch buffet is Y2900; weekend lunch is Y4200, dinner is Y5000, and the weekend dessert buffet (3-5pm) is Y2700. They also offer a wine buffet to go with dinner.
no smokingdecorSunmapNihonbashi Muromachi 2-1-1, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo 2F. Open 11:30am-2:30, 5:30-9pm daily.
La Boqueria (Yotsuya 3-chome - Spanish). 5366-0505
The main draw at La Boqueria is the "wine buffet," an open bar with over a dozen different wines, not top-end but still very drinkable, priced at Y1980 for two hours. The dining room is attractively furnished with unexpectedly large tables and comfortable seating, apparently left over from the upscale Italian restaurant that used to occupy this space. The food is rather hit-or-miss - it's best to stick to very simple dishes like the assorted meat and cheese plates and the quesadillas.
SunmapYotsuya 2-11, Assist Bldg 2F. Open 11:30am-10pm (LO) daily.
Sizzler (Suidobashi - American). 5840-7331
The well-stocked salad bar is the main draw here, including all the beets and baby corn you could possibly want.
SunmapKoraku 1-3-61, Tokyo Dome Hotel 2F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Daichi no Okurimono (Ueno - Japanese). 3836-2640
There's something self-indulgent and luxurious about an all-you-can-eat buffet, but a natural-foods buffet on the other hand seems positively virtuous - "Eat what you want - it's all good for you." The real fun of a buffet, though, is being able to try lots of different flavors without having to decide what to order, and the spread here offers ample variety. [Show more]
SunmapUeno 1-20-11, Suzunoya Bldg 4F. Open 11am-4, 5-10pm (LO) daily.
Que Bom (Asakusa - Brazilian). 5826-1538
The Y3000 churrasco buffet at this lively music bar features fifteen different Brazilian delicacies - grilled beef, pork and chicken, linguica sausage, and feijoada black-bean stew among them. Wash it all down with caipirinha and other Brazilian cocktails and wines. Check the calendar of live music and art exhibitions on their website (que-bom.com).
SunmapNishi-Asakusa 2-15-13 B1F. Open 5pm-midnight (LO). Closed Mondays.
Khazana (Daiba - Indian). 3599-6551
Reliable Indian fare and terrace seating overlooking the Rainbow Bridge from the popular Maharaja chain. A buffet lunch (Y980) is served until 3pm (LO).
SunmapDaiba 1-6-1, Decks Tokyo Beach 5F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Sizzler (Daiba - American). 3599-4534
The all-you-can-eat salad bar is surprisingly varied, and still one of the better ones in town.
no smokingSunmapDaiba 1-7-1, Aqua City 5F. Open 11:30am-10pm daily.
Kushiya Monogatari (Aomi - Kushiage). 3527-6446
This popular Osaka-based shop lets you cook your own kushiage skewers in a deep-fryer right at your table. It's all you can eat, including various side dishes, and a big variety of skewered tidbits. The dessert section features a chocolate fountain. Y2500 per person, with a 90-minute limit, or Y1500 at lunchtime (served until 3:30pm).
no smokingSunmapAomi 1-1-10, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 6F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Kushiya Monogatari (Kichijoji - Kushiage). 0422-28-7735
Good, all-you-can-eat kushiage from this very popular Osaka-based chain. Pick your own skewers of fish, meat and vegetables from the counter and deep-fry them yourself at your table. Y2500 for two hours. There are also inexpensive all-you-can-drink plans to go with your meal.
SunmapKichijoji Honcho 1-11-30, Daiya Palace Kichijoji 2F. Open 4-11pm daily.
Kushiya Monogatari (Tachikawa - Kushiage). 042-540-8948
This popular Osaka-based shop lets you cook your own kushiage skewers in a deep-fryer right at your table. It's all you can eat, including various side dishes and a big variety of skewered tidbits. Y2500 per person, with a 90-minute limit.
SunmapTachikawa, Akebonocho 2-5-17, Inotake Bldg 5F. Open 4-10pm (LO) daily.
Shamaim (Ekoda - Israeli). 3948-5333
An Israeli restaurant and pub, one minute from Ekoda south exit. They serve falafel, humus, salads, stuffed pastries and soups, plus shish kebab and one or two other meat dishes. 50 seats; reservations recommended. The all-you-can-eat special is Y2,000. Open noon-midnight Saturdays and Sundays.
SunmapSakaecho 4-11, Art Bldg 2F. Open 5-11pm (LO). Closed Mondays.
Kushiya Monogatari (Kawasaki - Kushiage). 044-211-1194
Good, all-you-can-eat kushiage from this very popular Osaka-based chain. Pick your own skewers of fish, meat and vegetables from the counter and deep-fry them yourself at your table. Y2500 for two hours. There are also inexpensive all-you-can-drink plans to go with your meal.
SunmapEkimae Honcho 7, Okadaya More's 8F. Open 11:30am-3, 5-10pm (LO) daily.
Fukueimon (Kawasaki - Dim sum). 044-222-7618
Some thirty varieties of Hong Kong-style dim sum are served here, and there's an all-you-can-eat deal for Y2580 (two-hour limit, not available weekday lunchtime). There are several other set meals and all-you-can-drink deals as well as a full a la carte menu.
SunmapNisshincho 1, Kawasaki Nikko Hotel B1F. Open 11am-2, 6-11pm daily.
Harvest (Yokohama Sta. - Japanese/health food). 045-290-9919
Harvest serves up a very appealing natural-foods buffet with more than sixty different dishes (mostly Japanese-style), including lots of vegetables. Lunch (until 5pm) and dinner prices are Y1399 and Y1899 weekdays and Y1599 and Y1899 weekends. The soft drink bar is Y199. (Prices do not include consumption tax.)
SunmapKita-Saiwai 1-2-7, Yodobashi Camera Multimeda Yokohama B2F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Rio Grande Grill (Yokohama Sta. - Brazilian). 045-440-0070
Brazilian churrasco grilled beef, other meats, seafood, and salad-bar selections will set you back Y4500 for all you can eat, while open-bar plans start at Y2000. There's plenty of outdoor seating overlooking Yokohama Bay.
SunmapKinkocho 1-10, Yokohama Bay Quarter 3F. Open 11am-2, 5-10pm (LO) daily.
Keke (Yokohama Minato-mirai - Japanese/health food). 045-225-6311
A natural-foods buffet with plenty of organic vegetable dishes. Weekend lunch is Y1900, dinner Y2400. Weekdays it's Y1700 and Y2200.
SunmapMinato-mirai 2-2-1-2, Landmark Tower 5F. Open 11am-3, 5-9pm (LO) daily.
Sizzler (Yokohama Minato-mirai - American). 045-222-5316
Sizzler offers a decent salad bar to go with your grilled meat or seafood main, although they're in competition with several buffet restaurants in the area.
SunmapMinato-mirai 2-2-1, Landmark Plaza 1F. Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.
Harvest (World Porters) (Yokohama Minato-mirai - Japanese/health food). 045-227-5818
Harvest serves up a very appealing natural-foods buffet with more than sixty different dishes (mostly Japanese-style), including lots of vegetables. Lunch and dinner prices are Y1299 and Y1899 weekdays and Y1499 and Y1899 weekends. The soft drink bar is Y199, and a 90-minute open-bar plan is Y990. (Prices do not include consumption tax.)
SunmapShin-Minato 2-1-1, World Porters 5F. Open 11am-9pm (last entry) daily.
Harvest (Cubic Plaza) (Shin-Yokohama - Japanese/health food). 045-478-2350
Harvest serves up a very appealing natural-foods buffet with more than sixty different dishes (mostly Japanese-style), including lots of vegetables. Lunch and dinner prices are Y1299 and Y1799 weekdays, Y1599 and Y1899 weekends, plus tax.
SunmapYokohama-shi, Kohoku-ku, Shin-Yokohama 2-100-45, Cubic Plaza Shin-Yokohama 9F. Open 11am-9:30pm (LO) daily.