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Kanazawa: Cafe
If you're a sucker
for interesting ice
cream flavors, you
will want to stop
into this Higashi
Chaya sweet shop for
a lick. Miso, soy
sauce, black sesame,
kabocha pumpkin,
yuzu, tofu -
theyfre all here in
ice cream form,
along with kagabo-
cha, a smoky roasted
tea popular in the
Kaga region.

You can have your
scoop nestled in a
waffle cone (plain
or chocolate) or you
can try something
really special: a
scoop of ice cream
smooshed between two
squishy bamboo char-
coal pancakes,
topped with a floppy
square of mochi and
a generous smear of
adzuki bean paste.
Grab one of these
uber-Japanese ice-
cream creations to
take out, or head
upstairs for tatami,
tea and a variety of
more sophisticated
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Kanazawa, Higa-
shiyama 1-7-8.
Open 10am-sunset
(from 1pm in win-
ter). Closed
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