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Keller Keller Kranz/
Umeda: Belgian rest/
beer bar
One of the more
stylish branches of
this Osaka Belgian
bar chain, Keller
Keller Kranz is
located in the Fuko-
ku Forest Square
dining complex,
accessible from the
Whity underground
shopping arcade. The
wide-ranging food
menu features every-
thing from small
tapas dishes to a
steak and raclette
prix-fixe dinner

The spacious dining
room is attractively
decorated, with a
big separate bar
area in back. The
beer list includes
three Belgian beers
on tap, and another
27 by the bottle;
most are priced at
around Y1240 per
bottle, which is
fairly typical for
Belgian beers in
town. Yona Yona beer
from Nagano on draft
is Y680 for a small
glass, and there are
also several Kansai-
area craft beers
sold by the bottle.
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Komatsubaracho 2-
4, Osaka Fukoku
Seimei Bldg B2F.
Open 11am-10:30pm
(LO) daily.
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