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Roppongi: Burgers
Custom-made burgers
with a huge variety
of optional ingre-
dients, sauces and
toppings are ready
to order from this
burger shop. Alter-
natively, you can
swap your buns for
salad greens with
meals-in-a-bowl like
the Beef and Brie
and the Grilled
Mahi-Mahi Salad, or
explore sandwich
options like the
Grilled Cheese Tri-
fecta and the BLT
with grilled avoca-

One of the main
attractions here is
the sheer range of
free toppings, which
you can order to
your heart's con-
tent. There are
fresh jalapenos and
grilled Anaheim
chillies, black-bean
salsa and marinated
artichokes, red
onions both raw and
grilled - some 25
toppings in all.
There are nearly as
many sauces, ranging
from super spicy
(Korean chili aioli,
hot wing sauce,
sweet sriracha) to
salad-dressing ter-
ritory (buttermilk
ranch, dijon balsam-
ic). You can even go
wild with a three-
part "sauce flight"
for an extra Y100.

There are also thir-
teen choices of
cheese (herbed goat
cheese, Madam?), and
premium add-on op-
tions like bacon and
guacamole (Y100
each). The Angus
beef patties end up
seeming like a de-
livery vehicle for
all the extras rath-
er than the center
of attention, and in
spite of all the
customization they
never ask whether
you want your burger
cooked medium-rare
or well done. Indeed
beef patties are
only one of several
protein options,
with alternate
choices like chicken
burgers, southern-
fried chicken and
mahi mahi.

Located in the base-
ment of Tokyo Mid-
town's main restau-
rant complex, The
Counter is casual
shopping-mall diner
in style, with rath-
er loud top-forty
pop music in the
background. When we
visited shortly
after opening there
was a fairly long
wait in spite of the
numerous empty seats
inside. There's a
take-out window
located around the
corner from the main
entrance, although
it can take twenty
minutes to get your
take-out order dur-
ing busy periods.

Custom burgers start
at Y1190 (for a 170g
patty of beef or
chicken, with one
cheese and multiple
toppings). Side
dishes like french
fries, cole slaw and
quinoa salad are
Y300 each, and wines
start at Y790 a
glass. Desserts
include custom
shakes with ingre-
dients like nutella
and salted pretzel,
"spiked shakes" with
added alcohol, and
apple pie.
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Minato-ku, Akasaka
9-7-4, Tokyo Midtown
Galleria B1F. 
Open 11am-10pm (LO)
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