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Ushitora One/
Shimo-Kitazawa: Beer
One of Tokyo's pio-
neering craft-beer
bars, Ushitora de-
votes several taps
to their own beers,
brewed in Tochigi,
along with a good
selection of Japa-
nese and imported
craft beers - there
are 25 taps in all.
The small food menu
offers tasty beer-
friendly dishes like
fish and chips,
spicy fried chicken
and coriander gyoza.

Beer prices here
tend to be higher
than average, al-
though their own
beers are more rea-
sonable. (Domestic
craft beers are
around Y1200-1300
per US pint, while
Ushitora beers are
Y900-1050.) Ushitora
Brewery's output is
unusual in that each
batch of beers is
ostensibly one of a
kind, with its own
description and
batch number.

The spacious dining
room is more stylish
than your average
beer bar, and the
background music is
a nice mix of seven-
ties soul and the
like. Note that the
bar moved to new,
more spacious quar-
ters in late 2016.
Ushitora Two, which
is a casual standing
bar, is still in the
old location.
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Setagaya-ku, Daita
6-3-27. Open 3-
11:30pm daily.
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