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Otemachi: Izakaya
While there's no
shortage of good
izakayas in the
area, it's always
nice to find some-
place that combines
great food, a styl-
ish but comfortable
setting, and reason-
able prices. Torafu-
ku delivers on all
counts, and offers a
decent sake list as

When we visited
there was a long-
running Akita event
underway, so we got
to try a lot of sake
and regional delica-
cies from that area
in addition to the
regular menu. The
regular sake list
features around a
dozen premium craft
brews from estab-
lished producers
like Denshu, Hiroki
and Kubota, with
three-part tasting
flights available if
you're in the mood
to explore.

pork, chicken and
fish were all well
prepared, with a
tempting variety of
bacon-wrapped vege-
table skewers like
asparagus and toma-
to. Our sashimi
platter and tamago-
yaki were first-
rate, and small
dishes like miso-
marinated tofu (sur-
prisingly sweet) and
macaroni salad
(quite delectable)
complemented the
sake nicely.

Non-sake drinks
options include a
reasonable shochu
list and unusual
items like non-alco-
holic umeshu. There
are separate smoking
and non-smoking
dining areas and a
cosy counter that
would be good for
solo diners. Budget
around Y4000-5000
for ample food and
drink, or around
Y1000 at lunchtime.
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Nearest restau-

Nearest cafes/

Chiyoda-ku, Maru-
nouchi 1-4-1, iiyo!!
B1F. Open 11am-2,
5-10pm (LO) daily.
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