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Roppongi: Beer bar
Run by a Yamanashi
brewery known for
their excellent
German-style beers,
this basement venue
feels less like a
beer bar and more
like an old-school
Roppongi dining bar,
with plush furnish-
ings, fancy spot
lighting, subdued
piano music and a
refined menu of bar
snacks. The beers
are good though -
twelve taps serve
both Fujizakura
beers and half a
dozen guest beers
from the usual ros-
ter of Japanese
craft breweries.

The menu offers
typical modern Tokyo
bar fare - confits
and ajillos, liver
mousse and steamed
mussels. The menu
itself is stylishly
written in tiny
script which may be
hard to read. Prices
are also typical of
Tokyo dining bars -
small dishes hover
around Y700-1000 -
while large-size
glasses (400-500ml)
of Fujizakura beers
are priced at Y1000.
They also have
super-large 1000ml
glasses (Y1900) if
you like to drink
your beer from a
very large glass.
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Minato-ku, Roppon-
gi 4-8-7, Shimada
Bldg B1F. Open 5-
11:30pm daily.
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