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Lower Right/
Hamamatsucho: Grill
This stylish base-
ment grill offers
both Japanese craft
beers and popular
Belgian beers on
tap. The meat-cen-
tered food menu
features a section
called "Meat Meat
Meat!!!" with
grilled pork, chick-
en, beef, and duck.
The Hamburg steak
(Y1700), made from a
mix of ground beef,
pork and duck and
topped with a slab
of foie gras, is
wonderfully flavor-
ful and juicy, and
well worth a try.

The beautiful vege-
tables that make up
the bagna cauda
plate are photogenic
as well as deli-
cious, and the
Belgian-style frites
are a step up from
the usual French
fries. There are
also plenty of piz-
zas and pastas if
you want something
less meat-heavy.

The ten craft beers
are heavy on the
IPAs, from breweries
like North Island,
Shiga Kogen and
Baird. They're all
priced at Y580 and
Y880 for medium and
large-size servings,
while Belgians (Chi-
may, Leffe, etc.)
are Y750-950 per
glass. (There are
also several Belgian
beers in bottles.)

Budget around Y3000
at dinnertime, Y1000
for lunch (which is
served until 2:
30pm). The Lower
Right's happy hour
policy is also note-
worthy; all draft
beers are Y550 for a
large glass, or you
can get a glass of
beer plus a tiny
plate of frites and
roast beef for
around Y1000. Happy
hour here runs from
11:30am-7pm - seven
and a half hours!
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Minato-ku, Hama-
matsucho 2-1-20,
Svax Bldg B1F. 
Open 11:30am-11:30pm
(LO) daily.
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