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Takadanobaba: Ramen
Takadanobaba is
considered a bit of
a ramen battle zone.
Through the years,
many shops have
opened and closed,
and to have a suc-
cessful shop in this
part of Tokyo is
considered a great
feat. Yamaguchi is
probably the most
famous new shop in
the area.

Yamaguchi's ramen
is, apart from a
single slice of
chashu on top, an
entirely pork-free
bowl of ramen. But
this is no ordinary
chicken soup. The
shoyu flavoring is
intense at first,
with a smooth after-
taste. Go for the
bowl with an egg
(Y880), as the shop
uses only the finest
chickens from Iwate
Prefecture. Matched
with aged soy sauce
and noodles from
Kyoto, this is one
that has a lot of
thought put into it.

For those who want a
pork-free bowl, make
sure you tell them
so. A simple "buta
nashi" will suffice,
and you'll probably
get an extra slice
of their amazing
chicken chashu in-
stead of the pork.
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