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Kojimachi: Ramen
Ramen is often
thought of as a
manly food in Japan.
Dirty shops with an
air thick with oil
fumes would have
most pretty ladies
heading to the local
cafe for lunch in-
stead. In recent
years, a few chefs
have designed not
only their ramen,
but their shops as
well around the
concept of access-
ibility and appeal
for everyone. When
Soranoiro opened it
was immediately
embraced by both men
and women for its
healthier options
and its light, airy

The ticket machine
is very easy to use;
the upper row is
four giant pictures.
For traditionalists,
go with the special
chukasoba (Y990), a
simple shoyu bowl
that goes above and
beyond with their
choice of ingre-
dients. Free-range
local chicken from
Kumamoto and small-
batch soy sauce from
Nagano are a couple
of the premium bits
that give this ramen
a clean, refreshing

But the one that
really garnered
attention was the
special veggie soba
(Y1000). The soup is
a thick pottage of
carrots, cabbage,
onions, and other
vegetables. The
special version
comes topped with
even more veggies
and a perfectly
cooked egg. A very
bowl. It is not,
however, a vegetar-
ian bowl (some of
the tare seasoning
has animal prod-

They also have an
outlet at the Tokyo
Ramen Street in
Tokyo Station.
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Chiyoda-ku, Hira-
kawacho 1-3-10, Blue
Bldg North 1B.
Open 11am-3:30, 6-
10pm (LO; Sat, Sun
11-5). Closed first
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