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Shinasoba Tanaka/
Otsuka: Ramen
The master at Tanaka
commutes in to this
shop every day from
the far side of
Chiba, about two
hours away. He is a
surfer, and that
part of Japan has
some nice waves in
the morning. That
part of Japan is
also famous for
seafood, and the
bowl at Tanaka re-
flects this.

Go for the Aji Nibo
Soba (Y750). Aji,
horse mackerel, and
niboshi (dried sar-
dines) are combined
with plenty of Japa-
nese konbu seaweed
to make a thick,
umami-rich bowl that
has garnered a lot
of attention since
the shop opened in

Tuesdays, Wednes-
days, and Fridays
have special menu
items that are worth
checking out. A
spicy bowl on Tues-
day, a wine-steamed
clam bowl on Wednes-
day, and a meatier
version of their
normal bowl on Fri-
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Higashi-Ikebukuro 2-
19-2. Open 11am-
3, 5-10pm (Sat 11-
3). Closed Sundays.
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