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Akasaka: Japanese
This comfortably
casual izakaya show-
cases the food of
both Yamanashi and
Shizuoka Prefec-
tures, with some
nicely prepared
local dishes that
are usually hard to
find in Tokyo. At
the top of our list
is their version of
houtou, an udon dish
from the Kofu (Yama-
nashi) area where
the noodles are
simmered in a thick,
rich soup made with
kabocha pumpkins and
other vegetables.

Another favorite
local dish is their
Hamamatsu (Shizuoka)
style gyoza dump-
lings, which have a
rather mushy pork
filling and a deli-
cious casing that's
crisp on one side
and soft on the
other. They also
prepare a fairly
representative ver-
sion of Koshu (Yama-
nashi) style stewed
chicken giblets
(torimotsu nikomi).
Differing from most
giblet stews, this
one isn't swimming
in broth, but comes
with just a small
amount of dark,
strongly flavored
sauce, while the
individual giblets -
heart, gizzard,
liver, and early-
stage egg - are very
firm and retain
their individual

The menu also fea-
tures a lot of bacon
dishes (including
bacon and eggs!),
and very good
grilled ray fins,
softer and thicker
than usual. On the
drinks pages of the
menu you'll find
several craft sake
labels (including a
nice one from Shizu-
oka brewery Kaiun),
a few craft beers,
and a big selection
of Koshu wines,
which are attrac-
tively priced at
Y1920-2810 per bot-

Budget around Y3000-
4000 for dinner with
drinks. Open until
3am Fridays, 11pm
Saturdays. No lunch
on Saturdays.
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Minato-ku, Akasaka
5-1-5. Open 11:
30am-2, 5pm-mid-
night. Closed
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